DUI State Patrol Arrests

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Several weeks ago the City of Atlanta Solicitor dismissed a case against Braves Pitcher Derek Lowe. He had been arrested for DUI by the Georgia State Patrol. Needless to say, the GSP is not happy. As a result, there has been a fundamental change in the way Georgia State Patrol cases are being handled in the City of Atlanta. GSP cases are no longer being sent to the City of Atlanta Municipal Court for arraignment. Instead, the cases are being sent directly to the State Court of Fulton County for arraignment.

As a result, the cases will certainly take more time before a person gets a court date. However, if you are arrested for DUI, make sure you still have your lawyer request a hearing by sending a 10 Day Letter.Many times when a person does not have an immediate court date, they think that nothing has to be done with their case. They wait until a court date arrives. In Fulton County, that can take months. If a person fails to send request an ALS Hearing, their license will be suspended while waiting for their court date.

In the event of an alleged refusal to take the breath test, the suspension is for one year. Hiring an attorney can save your license while waiting for your court date. The hearing on the 10 Day Letter will take place before the arraignment in Fulton County State Court. It is important to have an lawyer to make sure your rights are protected at the Hearing. Again, the biggest mistake people make is waiting to hire an attorney. Lawyers know how to protect a person's right to drive and make sure that person's constitutional rights are not violated. For more information, contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson.

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