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A DUI offense can occur on the most unsuspecting night. Many people are unaware of the amount of alcohol that can cause them to be over the .08 blood alcohol concentration limit. It usually is lower than they think and causes them to drive impaired. However, it is important to recognize that a DUI charge is not a conviction! There are steps you can take to prevent a DUI charge from remaining on your record. Contact our experienced Resaca DUI Lawyers today for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been accused of DUI.

Defenses for Your Resaca DUI Charge

There are a variety of defenses your DUI Lawyer in Resaca can use to support and bolster your case. After exclusively practicing DUI law for over 25 years, our lawyers know how to make the law work for you. After a thorough examination of your case and the evidence against you, our Resaca DUI Attorneys will begin to develop your defense strategy. Some of the issues we will look into include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether the initial stop was conducted lawfully?
  • If the arrest occurred if an area you are familiar with?
  • Whether you have any health conditions that could have affected your behavior?
  • Were you correctly read Georgia's Implied Consent Notice?
  • Did you consent to a chemical test?
  • The maintenance log of the Breathalyzer (if it was used)
  • The arresting officer's history with DUI arrests
  • Did you participate in field sobriety tests?
  • Did the officer tell you that you were under arrest?
  • If you were stopped at a roadblock, if the roadblock was properly conducted?
  • What did you say to the officer?

These are just some of the factors we delve into when building your defense. As Georgia's premier DUI defense firm, we are dedicated to understanding the tools, techniques, and science used by law enforcement to detect and ultimately prosecute DUI cases. We also have extensive knowledge of Georgia DUI laws and courtroom procedures. Our founder, Richard S. Lawson, was a former prosecutor so we have the advantage of knowing how the State thinks. Our Resaca DUI Lawyers have used that experience to help over 5,000 clients with DUI charges. We guarantee that we will examine every single aspect of your case in order to find flaws in the prosecution's arguments, and to ultimately, help achieve an excellent outcome in your case.

Drunk driving charges are more than traffic citations, and they require more experience. Drunk driving convictions can cost you your freedom with jail time being a standard penalty along with stiff fines. Do not make the mistake of trusting a general practitioner with your case. The nuances of DUI law can be unknown to attorneys that are inexperienced with DUIs. All of our Resaca DUI Attorneys have intimate knowledge of the laws and are prepared to help you today. We will walk you through every step of the criminal process and promise to keep you informed. You only have one chance to beat your drunk driving charge, and it is in your best interest to hire our DUI Attorneys in Resaca. 

Resaca Municipal Court

Misdemeanor DUI cases that originated from an arrest in Resaca are heard in Resaca Municipal Court. The Honorable Robert Sneed is the judge,  The Clerk of Court is Kelly Shaw, and may be contacted at (706) 624-1336. Court is held the last Monday of every month at 330 Walker Street, Resaca, Georgia 30735.

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