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When charged with DUI, it is normal to feel overwhelmed or scared about what happens next. That is why our DUI Attorneys in Cartersville GA are here to help. With over 25 years of experience and 5,000 clients represented, we understand what it takes to be successful and protect your future. Call now for a free case evaluation.

What is the Legal Drinking Limit in Cartersville Georgia?

In Georgia, the legal drinking limit depends on your age. For drivers over 21, the blood alcohol content (BAC) allowed for operating a vehicle is less than .08%. Anything over .08% will be over the legal drinking limit. If you are under 21 years, then the legal drinking limit is .02%. In addition, if you have a commercial driver's license, then the limit is .04%.

Our Cartersville GA DUI Lawyers regularly get asked how many drinks it takes to reach the legal limit in Georgia. However, the answer is not that easy. Every person is different and factors such as age, weight, body fat percentage, and length of time in between drinks can all impact how long it takes to be over the legal limit. Because it is nearly impossible to predict when you are over, we recommend having a designated driver or hiring an Uber if you are going to be drinking.

Our Cartersville GA DUI Lawyers Have the Experience You Need

Not all attorneys have the broad and comprehensive knowledge and experience that is gained through years of dealing with DUI cases. We have defended thousands of clients against all types of DUI charges and can craft a custom-tailored defense for your case. Whether your goal is a reduction or a dismissal of charges, we have the tools you need to accomplish your goal. Our DUI Attorneys in Cartersville GA are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Georgia DUI law and can protect your rights against even the most serious charges.

DUI charges can greatly vary in severity depending on the driver's history of convictions and the unique circumstance surrounding the case. No matter the specifics of your case, our Cartersville GA DUI attorneys are prepared to defend you against the prosecution's claims. With state-of-the-art legal resources and in-depth knowledge of DUI case law in Georgia, our attorneys use their invaluable experience to craft a persuasive defense on your behalf. We have many former prosecutors on our team, we can anticipate the opposition's strategy and aggressively corner their approach. Our experience allows us to stay one step ahead at all times.

The chances of you securing a positive outcome for your case are only as good as the team on your side. By retaining the DUI attorneys at The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we promise to use our vast legal knowledge and passion to prove your innocence or reduce your charges. Without our help, expect to face serious penalties such as imprisonment, probation, driver's license suspension, and much more. Call now and speak with a DUI Lawyer in Cartersville GA that can give you insightful information and resources when dealing with a DUI charge.

Cartersville GA Municipal Court

The city of Cartersville Municipal Court has jurisdiction over cases involving misdemeanor traffic violations, city ordinance violations, and other misdemeanors, such as DUI, shoplifting, and possession of marijuana, that occur within Cartersville city limits. Dorothy Carson is the Municipal Court Clerk, and she can be reached at 770-607-6307. Court is held at 178 West Main Street, Cartersville, GA, 30120. For more information, call 770-607-6307.

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