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At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we pride ourselves on being Georgia's premier law firm. We have dedicated our lives to defending those charged with DUI. We understand that a DUI arrest could be the scariest thing you have dealt with and we want to help! Call our DUI Attorneys in Chattooga County today if you or a loved one have been arrested on DUI charges.

Driving Under the Influence in Chattooga County

All throughout Georgia, it is illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Due to the danger a drunk driver poses to other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, Georgia has imposed very strict laws punishing those convicted of DUI. Because the rules and legal procedures related to DUI cases do not favor those accused, it is important to have a skilled Chattooga County GA DUI Lawyer asserting assist with your defense. We will make sure your rights are protected and present a robust defense for your case.

DUI Sentencing

One of the most asked questions our office receives is what punishment will they be facing if convicted. Unfortunately, we cannot predict exactly what consequences you will face. Many factors go into the punishment. The circumstances of your case, the evidence in your case, the number of prior convictions, your BAC (blood alcohol concentration), and whether there were any injuries all play a part in your sentencing. When you contact our Chattooga County DUI Lawyers, we will explain all of your possible outcomes and discuss how we will combat every aspect of the prosecutor's case against you. We will work hard to make sure you receive a favorable ruling from the court.

DUI Penalties in Chattooga County

There are drastic long-term consequences for DUI convictions. Even though it is a misdemeanor conviction, the penalties are severe. Having a criminal record can impede future employment opportunities. Also, a license suspension is a possible penalty and is a significant problem for most people. Additional repercussions include things such as hefty fines, court fees, ignition interlock devices, or a drug or alcohol treatment program. However, hiring a Chattooga County DUI Lawyer who will aggressively represent you can help reduce the penalties you face. 

Our DUI Approach

There are many factors that can affect a DUI charge. A good Chattooga County DUI Lawyer will thoroughly investigate each piece of evidence surrounding your charges, and look at all the options available to you. Our team of Chattooga County DUI Attorneys have powerful investigative skills and will pore over every detail of your case. We work to protect your rights, future, and driver's license! 

A DUI conviction brings hefty fines and stiff penalties. First-timers can pay up to $1000 in fines, face twelve months' probation, and a license suspension of up to one year. The sentencing of second and third DUI offenses increase quickly.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your Chattooga County DUI arrest, you should know that DUI is a serious crime that requires a serious defense. Timing is crucial, so do not hesitate to contact one of our DUI Lawyers in Chattooga County now. 

Chattooga County Superior Court

If you have been charged with felony DUI, your case will proceed in Chattooga Superior Court. Your case will also proceed in Superior Court if you request a jury trial as Superior Court has the authority to handle jury trials. Chattooga County Superior Court is part of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit. Ms. Kim James is the Superior Court Clerk and she can be reached at 706-857-0706. The Courthouse is located at 10035 Commerce Street, Summerville, GA 30747.

Chattooga County State Court

If your were arrested in an unincorporated part of Chattooga County, your case will proceed in Chattooga State Court. The Honorable Judge John R. Dennis serves as the State Court Judge. The Court is located at 120 Cox Street, Summerville, GA 30747. For more information, call 706-857-0877.

Summerville GA Municipal Court

Summerville GA Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including shoplifting and DUI, that occur within Summerville city limits. The Court is located at 120 Georgia Avenue, Summerville, GA 30747. For more information, call 706-859-0900.

Trion Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI within Trion city limits, your case will proceed in Trion Municipal Court. Court is held at Trion Town Hall located at 1220 Pine Street, Trion, GA 30753. For more information, call 706-734-2332.

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 If you were charged with DUI or driving while your license was suspended, our Chattooga County DUI Lawyers can help. They are dedicated to being accessible to their clients—days, nights, weekends, and holidays while working hard on their behalf. When you choose our firm, your Chattooga County DUI Lawyer will manage your case from beginning to end while protecting your rights and creating solid defense strategies; regardless of the charges. Your future is at stake, so do not sit around waiting for your case to resolve itself.

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