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DUI charges are some of the most common yet stressful charges in Georgia. Not only do you face jail time and probation when convicted of a DUI, your license can easily be suspended for one year. That is why, whether this is your first DUI or one of many, it is critical to seek an experienced Oakwood DUI Attorney to help you navigate the complex and technical world of DUI law.

Although DUIs are very serious offenses can carry stiff penalties, there are several ways in which an experienced DUI Lawyer in Oakwood can advocate for you and potentially get your case reduced to a lesser charge, dismissed, or acquitted at trial.

How the DUI Process Works in Oakwood

There are many steps in an Oakwood DUI case. When you call one of our experienced DUI Lawyers in Oakwood, we will walk you through the entire process and answer all of your questions. If you choose us to represent you, your Oakwood DUI case will likely proceed as follows:

  • Arraignment- This is your first court appearance after the arrest. The court has to formally read the charges against you and you are able to plead guilty or not guilty. If you have already hired an Oakwood DUI Attorney, they will appear on your behalf so you don't have to.
  • Discovery- The discovery period is when our attorneys will ask the prosecution for all the evidence the state has against you. They are required to turn over all the evidence they have against you.
  • Evaluation- During this part of the case, your lawyer will began investigating every piece of evidence we have. That includes interviewing witnesses, going through the police reports, watching the video of the arrest, and evaluating the chemical results. We spend hours looking through the evidence to discuss the weaknesses in the state's case against you.
  • Pre-Trial Conference- The pre-trial conference is usually the next court date after arraignment. This is a chance to meet with the judge and prosecutor and go over the status of the case. At this time, the Court encourages both parties to decide whether a trial will be necessary or if there is a possibility of resolution.
  • Filing and Arguing Motions- Motions are an important of your DUI case. There are many motions that can be used to suppress damaging evidence against you or to exclude the chemical and field sobriety tests from being admitted at trial. The use of motions depends upon the specific details of your case and our DUI Lawyers in Oakwood are skilled in using motions to bolster your case.
  • Negotiating with the Prosecution- After motions, your Oakwood DUI Attorney will go to the prosecutor and explain why your charges should be dismissed or reduced due to the flaws in your case. Sometimes, they agree to dismiss your case or we are able to reach an agreement where the charges are reduced. However, there are times when prosecutors refuse to budge and we are forced to take your case to trial. We are always prepared to take cases to trial and have an excellent record in achieving the desired result at trial.
  • Trial- If your cannot be resolved through negotiations with the prosecutor, it will go to trial. Choosing to go to trial is a decision that must be carefully evaluated. There are many factors to consider and our DUI Lawyers in Oakwood will help you weigh your options. No matter what option you choose, we guarantee that you will receive the best DUI Defense!

Oakwood DUI Defenses

When charged with DUI, many people think they are out of options. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are numerous Georgia DUI defenses we can use to bolster your case, and with our help, you may be able to avoid having a DUI on your criminal record. Some of the most common ways to challenge a DUI arrest include:

  1. Was there a valid reason to initiate the original traffic stop?
  2. Was the Georgia Implied Consent Notice read correctly?
  3. Were the Field Sobriety tests appropriately executed?
  4. Did the arrest result from a roadblock and did the officer follow procedure?
  5. Did the officer have probable cause to arrest you for DUI?
  6. If a chemical test was done, was there a proper chain of custody for the blood or urine?
  7. Was your vehicle lawfully searched?
  8. Did the breath test machine work properly?
  9. Does the officer have a disciplinary record?
  10. Was the driver informed of their right to an outside chemical sobriety test?

This list is not all-inclusive. These are just some arguments your Oakwood DUI Lawyer could make if they apply to your case. However, there are numerous other defenses we can raise after we know the specifics of your case. Every case is different, and we will advise you of your options after we have thoroughly researched your situation.

Oakwood Municipal Court

Oakwood Municipal Court is limited to hearing traffic offenses, including DUI, misdemeanor shoplifting offenses, possession of marijuana charges, and violation of city ordinance charges that originate in Oakwood. Court is held at the Courthouse in the Oakwood City Hall located at 4035 Walnut Circle, Oakwood, GA 30566. Court is always held at 6:00 P.M. The Honorable Hammond Law is the Judge over Oakwood Municipal Court, and Billy Hollingsworth is the Solicitor. The Court can be reached at 770-532-9625.

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