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If you received a ticket within the city limits of Gray, you need to call an attorney who practices DUI in Gray! You also need to call an attorney who practices DUI law on a daily basis and has an in-depth knowledge of DUI law. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we hav been exclusively practicing DUI law for over 25 years and have worked in Jones County courts for decades. We have dedicated our lives to getting clients the best outcomes for their DUI charge. When you are facing DUI charges, contact our DUI Attorneys in Gray, GA today.

Do I Have to Go to Jail for a DUI in Georgia? 

The answer to this depends on your specific situation. However, there are several alternative punishments that can be negotiated depending on your individual circumstances.

The first alternative to avoiding jail time is the DUI Court program. The DUI Court is a treatment program that is supervised by the judge assigned to your case. By meeting all the requirements of the program without any violations, you can avoid jail time. However, the programs are generally 18 months in length and are extremely strict. It can be difficult for people to comply with all the conditions and many times, the accused has to finish out their time in jail when they are unable to complete the program. That is why we urge anyone considering entering into a DUI diversion or similar court program to contact our Gray GA DUI Lawyers to discuss your options. We will make sure you are prepared for all the restrictions of the DUI court program.

Another option for people who have had multiple prior offenses is admission into an in-patient treatment program. There are several excellent programs in the Metro-Atlanta area and throughout Georgia. When a person attends a treatment program, it shows the judge and the prosecutor that they are far less likely to become a recidivist. As a result, they will generally give a person a lesser punishment, since part of the purpose of punishment is specific deterrence. However, because part of punishment is to deter others, or general deterrence, there will still be some punishment, even after a person has completed a treatment program.

Other potential alternative punishments include home confinement and work release. Home confinement is usually monitored by an ankle bracket (GPS) or home call in system (video monitored). While on home confinement, you are allowed to leave your home during regular working hours and for court-ordered treatment. Otherwise, you will be confined to your home.

Work release is a program available in some jurisdictions. While on work release you are required to pay for your nightly stay in jail. You are released 5 days a week to work during regular working hours. You must have transportation to work, and you must return to the work release lock-up facility on time, every day. If you fail to return on time, you will be charged with Felony Escape. In addition, while on work release, you will not get any “good time credit” and you will serve every day of your sentence.

These are just some of the alternative sentences instead of jail time. Each of these options should not be taken lightly but should only be entered into with the advice of a Gray DUI Lawyer. If you have any questions about these options, contact us today.

Gray Municipal Court

 If you were arrested within the city limits of Gray GA, your case will proceed in Gray Municipal Court. The Honorable Robert Sneed is the Municipal Court Judge, and Wyonette May is the Clerk of Court.  Court is held at 197 North Main Street, Ellijay, Georgia 30540.  Call (706) 635-4711, extension 5 for further information. 

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Many people think courts will take it easy on them if this is their first encounter with the law. They make the mistake of believing a judge will have mercy on them and a prosecutor will dismiss the case. This could not be further from the truth. Georgia laws are harsh on DUI offenders in the hopes of the accused becoming a repeat offender. Prosecutors rarely dismiss charges and hardly ever dismiss a case without the accused hiring an experienced Gray DUI Lawyer. If you want life to return to normal and avoid the harsh penalties, you have to call one of our lawyers today. Don't wait around for your case to resolve itself because it will not be in your favor! Call us today.

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