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The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson has over 25 years of DUI defense experience. Our South Fulton DUI Attorneys are prepared to assist with your case today. We understand that this can be a stressful and overwhelming process, and we want to alleviate your stress. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Field Sobriety Tests in South Fulton

When people are pulled over and the police suspect DUI, they often request that the driver participates in field sobriety testing. Many people are under the misconception that they have to field in these tests. However, field sobriety tests are not required under Georgia law. There are three types of tests officers usually use:

  1. Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN): The HGN test looks for involuntary jerking movements in a person's eyes. The officer will ask you to follow an object with your eyes. They are watching you to see if you have any issues following the instructions or if you canto follow the object.
  2. Walk and turn tests: The walk and turn test measures the driver's ability to follow directions as well as their ability to complete a task. The theory is that people are often unbalanced while under the influence of alcohol and may be unable to complete this task.
  3. One-leg stand. The one-leg stand test is self-explanatory but is another test that evaluates your balance.

There are several factors outside of drinking that could make it difficult to challenging these tests. There are physical factors such as the type of shoes you are wearing and your nerves. Additionally, people who wear contacts or glasses may have a harder time completing the HGN test. Lastly, most people are justifiably nervous when completing these tests and let their nerves get the best of them. This can lead to an officer believing the driver is impaired when they were not.

Your City of South Fulton DUI Lawyer will work with a medical expert to show that there was an underlying condition that affected your ability to successfully complete these tests. Even if you did not have a medical condition, your lawyer could still challenge the validity of the tests and whether they were administered correctly.

There are Always Defenses for Your DUI Case

Many lawyers assume guilt before they even look for potential defenses to your case.  For example, they see a breath test result above .08 and assume that the case cannot be won, but nothing could be further from the truth.  However, our South Fulton DUI Lawyers have won thousands of DUI cases for our clients even when they have blown over the limit.  Even in difficult situations , our office has helped thousands of our clients restore their privilege to drive.  You do not have to lose your ability to drive just because you were arrested for DUI in South Fulton or anywhere in Fulton County.

South Fulton Municipal Court

South Fulton Municipal Court handles traffic violations, code violations, and other misdemeanor charges that occur within the city limits of South Fulton. The court is located at 5060 Union Street, Union City, GA 30291, but the court's mailing address is 5440 Fulton Industrial Boulevard, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30303. The Honorable Fani T. Willis presides over the court.

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