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When charged with DUI in Dalton, GA, contact our DUI Attorneys in Dalton immediately. With decades of experience, we are Georgia's premier DUI defense firm. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Our Dalton DUI Lawyers Have a History of Success

At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our Dalton DUI Attorneys have mastered the skills that we believe make us Georgia's premier defense firm: the ability to investigate, negotiate, provide a technical legal defense, and win at trial.

While investigating may seem like an obvious thing, many lawyers do not give their cases the time and attention they should. We believe in over-investigating our cases to help us gain the upper hand. Information gathering is a critical skill. We continuously ask ourselves, how can we prove this? What did the police miss? Are there phone records, text messages, photos, videos, or witnesses that contradict the police? Evidence can be the difference between success and failure. We are willing to go to the crime scenes, find our own witnesses, and spend hours investigating your case to uncover beneficial evidence. While this is common practice for us, it is not for all lawyers.

Having strong negotiation skills is an invaluable asset for DUI Lawyers in Dalton. It does not mean bullying others into getting what we want, nor does it mean whining or pleading with prosecutors to help us with our case. We are powerful negotiators because we know the ins and outs of our cases and our clients. We sit down and discuss all of the options with our clients to find out what their goals are. Then we work with the prosecutor to accomplish these goals. Negotiating is an art, and our decades of experience have helped us perfect this skill. Our job is to protect your future, your rights, and your freedoms, and negotiation is often the means of achieving those goals when facing a DUI charge.

Providing a technical DUI defense is another skill that makes us stand out. Because we practice DUI in Georgia every day, we know the laws inside and out. We study cases to see if we can find an exception for our client. We read and reread discovery.  A robust legal defense puts pressure on the prosecution. Having a solid legal basis can sometimes lead to victory but frequently provides additional leverage for settling the case.

Lastly, we know how to win at trial. There are numerous lawyers that refuse to take cases to trial. Our Dalton DUI Lawyers are not one of them. While many cases are settled outside of trial, we are willing to take your case to trial if we think that is where the best chances for success are. We have handled dozens of trials over the years and understand the time and preparation it takes to be successful.

Your DUI Attorney in Daltonneeds all of these skills. Trust only the best with your case because your future is at stake. We have developed and mastered these skills over the decades and are ready to use them in your case!

Will I Go to Jail for a First DUI Charge in Dalton?

For a first conviction of DUI Per Se, there is a mandatory minimum 24-hour jail requirement. There is no mandatory jail requirement for DUI Less Safe.

In some courts, if you spent any time at all in jail after arrest, you will be given credit for 24 hours and there will be no additional jail time. Some courts will only allow credit for 24 hours to be given if you spent 12 or more hours in jail after arrest. Other courts only allow credit for each hour actually spent incarcerated after arrest and you will have to serve the remaining jail time.

The minimum jail requirement is 24 hours but the judge could sentence you to up to 12 months in jail for DUI. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be sentenced to more than 24 hours in jail for a first offense. Aggravating factors that could affect your sentence include whether you were involved in an accident, whether there were any injuries or deaths, your manner of driving at the time, your blood alcohol concentration, and your criminal and driving records.

Some municipal courts use the offer of no jail time to influence people to keep their case in their court system, rather than having the case bound-over to State or Superior Court. The municipal court is motivated to keep the fine money within their jurisdiction, and that is part of the reason they offer defendants less or no time in jail. That is why it is critical to hire an experience Dalton DUI Lawyer. We have been exclusively practicing DUI law and know how to negotiate little to no jail time.

Dalton Municipal Court

Dalton Municipal Court handles cases involving city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur within Dalton city limits. The Honorable Rob Cowan is the Municipal Court Judge. The Court office is located at 535 N. Elm Street, Dalton, GA 30721, but the Court location on Wednesdays is at City Hall at 300 W. Waugh Street, Dalton, GA 30720. For more information, call 706-278-1913 x101.

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