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Many DUI convictions include a period of probation. For example, in a first driving while intoxicated conviction, the probation most commonly included in the penalty is often up to a year. In cases in which the convicted individual is arrested again, there can be extremely serious consequences. Some judges are very harsh on any violation of probation in DUI cases, and will impose the full sentence – one year in jail – if you violate probation. If you are dealing with this problem, it is crucial that you immediately contact a lawyer to assist you and provide legal counsel to increase the likelihood of a better outcome in your case.

Often part of probation requirements includes attending court-ordered alcohol education programs. It also may include fines being paid by a specific date, or community service hours within a certain time frame. If you fail to comply to the terms of your probation, you can be put in jail. In some cases, the violation is the result of an administrative error, such as cases in which you did complete a treatment program but the court was not informed in a timely manner. In other cases, it is much more serious, such as being arrested for another impaired driving offense while on probation. No matter what your situation is, you can be sure that the legal team at The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson has handled such a case and knows how to proceed and fight for a good resolution to the problem.

If your probation was the type in which you had to report to a probation officer, then your probation officer would likely be the one to petition to the court that a violation occurred. As a result, you may be facing additional terms and conditions added onto your probation or a lengthened probationary period. The consequences of a probation violation will also likely depend on your criminal history (if any). The court will evaluate the original offense, the circumstances involved and any prior DUI offenses on your record. It is important to remember that a violation of your probation does not necessarily mean that you will be sent to jail or sent to prison.

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It is crucial that you get the situation evaluated by one of the DUI defense lawyers at the firm as quickly as possible, particularly if there is an outstanding warrant related to the probation violation. In many cases, these issues can be handled without the client ending up in jail. In other cases, the attorney may have to attend your probation violation hearing and present evidence to allow you to be released by the court. Contact the firm as quickly as possible if you are facing a driving under the influence probation violation so that legal action to defend you can begin at once.

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