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When you are facing DUI charges, your first step should be to contact an experienced DUI Attorney in Milledgeville. You only have 30 days after the arrest to appeal the automatic suspension of your driver's license. That is why you must act quickly after arrest, especially if you are a college student. A DUI conviction has the potential to get a student expelled from school, lose their scholarship, or jeopardize their career aspirations. However, with the assistance of our skilled Milledgeville DUI Lawyers, we can help you avoid these penalties and get you back to living your life. Call us today for a free consultation.

Have You Been Charged with DUI as a College Student at GCSU?

Everyone makes mistakes. College students are particularly vulnerable to criminal charges that involve alcohol, drugs, or both. Georgia College and State University students do not have to allow a DUI or a possession of marijuana charge destroy their bright futures. That is why they need a DUI Lawyer in Milledgeville to protect their future.

Not many college students realize the severe consequences they will face if they are convicted of DUI. Not only are there criminal charges to contend with as an adult, but there is also the loss of their driving privileges.

In addition, they may also face charges from the disciplinary board of GCSU. College disciplinary boards frequently impose punishments such as loss of scholarships, removal from campus housing, or expulsion from the university. If they end up with a drug conviction, they may lose their eligibility for financial aid permanently. Keep in mind as well that future potential employers and landlords will find out about their criminal past when they run background checks. Hiring a Milledgeville DUI Lawyer right away can help control the damage done to your college student's future.

Luckily, there are many options often available to help a young college student facing a first-time criminal charge. At the Law Office of Richard Lawson, our DUI Attorneys in Milledgeville will work to keep criminal charges off your college student's record and protect their future education, employment, and housing opportunities. Call us today to speak to a Milledgeville DUI Lawyer and see what can be done to protect you or your child's future.

First DUI Penalties in Milledgeville GA 

One of the first questions we get asked from clients, especially college students, are what penalties are they facing. If convicted of DUI in Milledgeville GA, the penalties you face will vary depending on a number of circumstances. The facts of the case influence whether a judge orders a sentence closer to the maximum or minimum limits. For the most part, the sentencing ranges depending on the number of prior DUI convictions. The penalties you may face include: 

  • Up to one year in jail
  • 12 months of probation
  • Fine between $300-$100 plus court costs and surcharges
  • At least 40 hours of community service
  • DUI school
  • Driver's license suspension, with a limited permit to drive
  • MADD panel
  • Substance abuse counseling

Milledgeville Municipal Court

Milledgeville Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur within Milledgeville city limits. Court is held every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the court room at the James Baugh Public Safety Building located at 125 Floyd L. Griffin Jr. Street, Milledgeville, GA 31061. The Honorable Judge J. David McRee presides over the Court. For more information, contact the Court Clerk, Ms. Lisa Brooks, at 478-414-4004.

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There is no time to waste if you or your college student has been charged with DUI. Not only will a DUI conviction impact their daily life but it could jeopardize their future career. Do not let this mistake ruin your future! Contacting a Milledgeville DUI Lawyer as soon as possible after arrest is the best way to ensure your rights, freedom, and future are protected. Call now for a free no-obligation case evaluation.

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