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At The Law Office of Richard S. Lawson, our Lilburn DUI Lawyers have been successfully defending those charged with DUI and other related offenses for over 25 years. Richard Lawson worked as a DUI prosecutor for years before deciding to use that experience to help clients resolve their DUI charges. His experience is unmatched and we are recognized as one of the top DUI firms in the State of Georgia because of our experience and our commitment to DUI defense. Regardless of the facts of your case, your history, or your current circumstances, our DUI Attorneys in Lilburn will work tirelessly to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

Traveling While Charged with a DUI in Lilburn


One of the most common questions our DUI Lawyers in Lilburn hear is whether being charged with a DUI will stop them from traveling. If they are trying to go to Canada, then the answer is yes. If fact, a conviction for any offense that is “indictable” under Canadian law can prevent a person from being able to cross into Canada. This can include convictions for reduced charges, such as reckless driving. It is important to note that you don't have to be convicted of DUI to be blocked entry into Canada, just charged with DUI! In short, a person will not be allowed to visit or stay in Canada if they have committed or have been convicted of a DUI.  However, if you have a pending DUI in Lilburn, sometimes Canadian border patrol will let you in. We are unsure of the rhyme or reason, but we have had clients allowed in with a pending DUI.

To be able to travel to Canada again, the person must provide proof that at least five years have passed since the end of any imposed sentence and show proof of letters of reference attesting to their good character. They may also be required to provide evidence of employment and residence. An application can take over one year to proceed, which means that a person may not be able to enter Canada for six years as a result of a DUI arrest.


If you have been convicted of a DUI within the past ten years, it may hinder you from entering Mexico. While some people are able to get in with a DUI conviction, it depends on the circumstances. Mexico tends to review the facts of the prior case and make a case by case decision instead of enforcing a blanket exclusion.


Europe is a little more lenient with DUI convictions, and most countries in Europe consider them to be a misdemeanor as long as no one was harmed. Therefore, most people should not have a problem traveling to Europe.

If you have questions about where you can travel after a DUI arrest or conviction, contact our Lilburn DUI Lawyers. We have decades of experience and have represented thousands of clients. We understand that travel may be essential to your job, and our DUI Lawyers in Lilburn are here to help.

Let our Experienced DUI Lawyers in Lilburn Help You Avoid a DUI Conviction and Protect Your Ability to Travel

Successful DUI defense combines knowledge, experience, negotiation skills, and advocacy from your Lilburn DUI attorney. While every case is different and results cannot be guaranteed, many of our clients have had their DUI charges dismissed, reduced, had jail time modified to community service, and more.

Our founder, attorney Richard Lawson formerly served as a prosecutor but has spent more than 25 years defending those charged with DUI. Because of his experience as a prosecutor, he is able to bring an incredible and rare perspective and knowledge to each case.

Our Lilburn DUI Lawyers will handle your case from start to finish on both the criminal and DDS fronts. It is critical to get an attorney involved immediately in your defense because many opportunities can be waived by failing to meet tight deadlines. Meeting these deadlines can mean the difference between keeping your license or losing it.

Our DUI Attorneys in Lilburn will consider all avenues when defending your case. We will thoroughly examine all the evidence, interview witnesses, obtain police reports, and more to make sure we get the full picture. Once they understand the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we will begin to build your defense. Some of the issues we will look at include:

  • The adequacy of the stop
  • Whether the procedure for implied consent was followed
  • Whether a lawful arrest occurred
  • Proper procedure for the breath or blood test
  • Chain of command for the testing
  • Maintenance log for the breathalyzer test

and many more.

If there is a defense for your case, we will find it and collect the evidence to support it. We care about your future and will work with you to achieve the goals for your case.

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Lilburn Municipal Court handles code and traffic violations that occur within the city limits of Lilburn. The court is located at 4600 Lawrenceville Highway, Lilburn, GA 30047. For more information, contact the court at 770-921-2505.

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