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Being pulled over for a suspected DUI can be an incredibly stressful experience. Atlanta DUI penalties are harsh and include hefty fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction in Brookhaven GA could have signification consequences on your personal life and lasting effects on your family or job. If you were arrested for DUI in Brookhaven, it is imperative that you retain an attorney who will aggressively fight the charges you are facing. The Law Offices of Richard Lawson has over 50 combined years of experience. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call. Call now and receive a free case evaluation.

If Charged with DUI in Brookhaven, You Have Two Cases To Resolve

When charged with a DUI in Atlanta, there are two separate cases against you. There is an administrative proceeding in which the Department of Drivers Services (DDS) attempts to suspend your license or your privileges to drive in Georgia. The second case is the criminal case where you face the possibility of jail time, a fine, and other penalties.

The DDS proceeding is started once you are arrested. In Georgia, you must request an Administrative License Hearing within 30 days of your arrest. This hearing is separate and distinct from your criminal case! Therefore, even if your criminal case is dismissed, if you failed to request an ALS hearing, your license will still be suspended. The hearing must be requested in writing with the $150 fee. Your Brookhaven DUI attorney will explain this process to you and make sure your driving privileges are protected!

The other side of your case is the criminal case. In Atlanta, DUI cases can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. This depends on whether one has any prior DUI convictions and whether there was an accident or an injury to another person. If a person has a prior DUI conviction, there are significant jail sentences that a judge can impose.

Your Case Can Be Defended

For over 25 years, Richard Lawson has exclusively handled DUI cases. Our DUI attorneys in Brookhaven have successfully argued the reduction of a DUI to reckless driving, negotiated the return of driving privileges, amended DUI charges to lesser charges, and have obtained dismissals of such charges for a number of clients.

Our proven DUI defense strategy is based on a thorough review of:

  • Police reports
  • Videos
  • Breathalyzer maintenance records
  • Officer arrest history records
  • Interviews with witnesses
  • Medical records, including consulting with experts

We also have the advantage of being familiar with the judges, officers, and prosecutors. We know what judges like to see and how to work things with specific prosecutors based on our previous interactions with them. In addition to our experience in DUI law, our attorneys stay abreast of the changing Brookhaven DUI laws. We are always reviewing case law to see if there is a ruling that will benefit our clients.

A DUI conviction will cause substantial damage to a person's ability to obtain a job, can put a significant strain on family relations, and increase financial burdens. The penalties are severe in DUI cases, and it is imperative that you hire a Brookhaven DUI Attorney to assist with your case. Our attorneys have a winning record and have the patience to answer all of your important questions along the way. Your Brookhaven DUI Lawyer will answer every question you have and will walk you through every step of the process. We are here to protect your rights, freedom, and future!

Brookhaven Municipal Court

Our Brookhaven DUI attorneys have been resolving cases in Brookhaven since the town was incorporated in 2013.  

The Chief Judge in the Brookhaven Municipal Court is the Honorable Jonathan Granade. The Judge Pro Tem is the Honorable Laura Stevenson.  Their biographies can be found on the Brookhaven Judge's website.  The court's jurisdiction includes municipal code violations, traffic tickets, and traffic law misdemeanors, such as DUI.  It also includes possession of marijuana, minor in possession of alcohol, and shoplifting.

The Court is located on the first floor of the Brookhaven Police Department located at 2665 Buford Highway, Brookhaven, GA 30324.  The court can be contacted at 404-637-0660 or at [email protected]  However, you cannot and should not ever try to contact a judge directly.  You can, however, speak to a clerk of court for basic information.

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If you were arrested and charged with DUI in the city of Brookhaven, you need a qualified Brookhaven DUI Lawyer. Our office exclusively practices DUI law and are specialists in the field of Atlanta DUI. Your life, future, and freedom is at stake and it is critical that you trust your case to the experts.  We have Brookhaven DUI Lawyers waiting to take your call and discuss your case 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Brookhaven DUI Attorneys do not take weekends and holidays off because a DUI charge can happen at any time. Contact us today and find out how we will make all the difference in your case.

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