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When charged with a DUI in Twiggs County or anywhere else in Georgia, it is critical that you hire an experienced DUI Attorney in Twiggs County. A DUI conviction will have a lasting impact on your life, even if this is your first interaction with the law. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Marijuana and DUI Charges in Twiggs County

While many people associate DUI charges with alcohol, you could also be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs. In Georgia, a driver can be charged with DUI drugs if he or she was in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana can create a positive blood test for up to a month after you smoke or ingest it, so unlike DUI alcohol, it is possible to be charged with DUI of marijuana even if you are not actually under the influence at the time you are driving.  This is the law in Georgia, which states that you cannot have any amount of any drug in your system when driving. 

How long the marijuana stays in your system depends on several factors: frequency of use, age, gender, height, body mass index (BMI), metabolism, amount of marijuana consumed, the potency of the marijuana, and whether the marijuana is smoked or ingested.

According to O.C.G.A. §16-13-2(b), the penalty in Georgia possessing less than one ounce of marijuana is up to $1,000 in fines and/or imprisonment for up to one year. This crime is classified as a misdemeanor. However, if caught with more than one ounce of marijuana, then the crime is classified as a felony, and the penalty will include fines and between one and ten years in prison.

Even though the current DUI marijuana laws do not make sense, that is the current state of the law in Georgia. Our Twiggs County DUI Lawyers have been defending DUI marijuana charges for over 25 years. We understand the difficulties that are associated with defending a DUI charge arising from marijuana. We know what it takes to achieve a successful outcome because we have been getting great outcomes for thousands of clients! Call now for a free case evaluation.

Twiggs County Superior Court

If you have been charged with felony DUI anywhere in Twiggs County, your case will proceed in Twiggs County Superior Court. Furthermore, if your case originated in Probate or Municipal Court, and you request a jury trial, your case will be bound over to Superior Court. Ms. Annie B. Williams is the Chief Clerk. For more information, call 478-945-3350. The Courthouse is located at 425 N. Railroad Street, Jeffersonville, GA 31044.

Twiggs County Probate Court

Twiggs County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all DUI cases that arise outside of Jeffersonville GA. This includes the unincorporated areas of Twiggs County. The Honorable Judge Gary Nobles, Jr. presides over the Court. Ms. Robin Adkins is the Court Clerk, and she be reached at 478-945-3390. The Court is located at 425 Railroad Street North, Jeffersonville, GA 31044.

Jeffersonville GA Municipal Court

Jeffersonville GA Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including shoplifting and DUI, that occur within Jeffersonville city limits. The Municipal Court Clerk is Shanika Butler, and she can be reached at 478-945-3191. The Honorable Judge Thomas C. Bobbitt, III presides over the Court. The Jeffersonville GA Municipal Court is located at 200 Church Street Jeffersonville, GA 31044.

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