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If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI in the City of Greenville GA or anywhere else in Meriwether County, you need an expert by your side! DUI convictions come with hefty fines, jail time, and license suspensions. However, a DUI charge is not the same as a DUI conviction. Call us today for a free case evaluation and see how we can protect you.

Out of State Driver Charged with Georgia DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI in Greenville, GA but you live in another state, you must act quickly to defend your interests and move forward. Restoring your license after an out-of-state DUI can be surprisingly complicated. To restore your driving privileges and spare yourself any potential jail time, you need to hire an experienced City of Greenville GA DUI Lawyer.

Getting arrested for DUI in a different state can be a disorienting experience. In all likelihood, your license will be taken from you - potentially leaving you stranded in a strange place. Your first priority should be get home after meeting all of your legal obligations. Taxis, ridesharing apps, public transit, and flying are all safe ways to return home after a DUI arrest. Once you get home safely, you must focus on protecting yourself legally. You will probably have further hearings, court dates, classes, and similar duties in the state of your arrest. Without a working license, meeting those requirements can be a real challenge. That is where our DUI Attorneys in Greenville GA come in. Our attorneys can handle the hearings on your behalf and keep your in person court appearances to a minimum. We understand that it can be difficult to travel back and forth to another state.

After a thorough investigation, our City of Greenville GA DUI Attorneys will go over the options available to you. If this is your first charge, our lawyers are typically able to reduce the punishments through classes, community, and fines avoiding a license suspension and jail time. However, DUI sentencing grows less forgiving with each successive charge. Second, third, or even fourth charges lead to more lasting consequences. They can include the permanent loss of your driving privileges and jail time. While it may be impossible to completely drop these charges, our DUI Attorneys in the City of Greenville GA can give the best chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.

Greenville GA Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI within Greenville city limits, your case will proceed in Greenville Municipal Court. The Honorable Robert Morton is the Judge. Court is held at the Greenville Police Station located at 202 North Depot Street, Greenville, GA 30222. For more information, 706.672.4211.

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Throughout this entire process, you will want a Greenville GA DUI Lawyer by your side to handle the technical details and fight on your behalf. A DUI charge does not mean you will be convicted. Let our lawyers protect your rights, freedom, and future.

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