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DUI Process in Upson County GA

There is a standard procedure for each and every DUI case.  Most people do not have experience with the court system in the state and even some general practitioners are not sure of what exactly a DUI charge entails. That is why we urge you to contact an Upson County DUI Attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.  We will guide you through the process and ensure that all the necessary legal actions are completed in a timely manner, as the legal machine moves very quickly in DUI cases.  Our legal team can review and evaluate your situation and work out a defense strategy for your case.

While every case is different, the process a DUI case looks like generally follows as described:

Initial Stop

The initial stop by law enforcement generally starts your DUI case. Most of the time, officers pull you over due to driving behavior that could be related to DUI. The behaviors include reckless driving, weaving, speeding, failure to obey traffic control devices, wide turns, or other suspicious driving. The officer will ask for your driver's license and registration. Always be polite and provide this information to officers. However, if the officer asks how much you have been drinking, you are not required to answer and we advise you not to!  The officer may request that you participate in field sobriety tests to determine whether they think you are intoxicated. These tests are not mandatory and you have the right to politely refuse to participate. If the officer determines that you are driving drunk, you will then be arrested.

The Arrest

After being arrested, you will be taken to the police station. You will be fingerprinted, photographed and you may be tested for blood alcohol level at the station, either by breath test, blood test or, rarely, urine test.  You will then be put in a holding cell or released on your own recognizance.  As soon as you are booked is when you should contact a DUI Lawyer in Upson County. This is even before discussing your case with anyone!


This is the formal hearing where you are charged and make your plea.  In serious DUI cases, your bail may be set at this hearing as well.  A trial date will be set for those that plead “not guilty”.  Those that plead “guilty” will be sentenced at this time.

Preliminary Hearings

Evidence and challenges to suppress evidence illegally gathered in the incident can be filed in court at a preliminary hearing.  A successful hearing can result in the charges being dismissed, or a plea bargain made with the prosecutor. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, and the decisions are yours to make, with the advice of your Upson County DUI Lawyer.

DUI Trial

The trial comes very quickly.  It is usually within 30 days of the arrest.  At the trial, the prosecutor will call on the law enforcement officer that arrested you for evidence against you, and will also present the results of your test.  Any officers or other witnesses can be cross-examined by the your DUI Attorney in Upson County. As the firm is aware of how many errors could have occurred during the arrest, it is likely that the witnesses will be cross-examined regarding all aspects of the case.  Your case can be heard by a judge only (bench trial) or by a judge and a jury with six members.  This choice is made with you and your attorney, based on a variety of factors. 

Sentencing in DUI Cases

If you are found not guilty, you will be free to go.  If you are found guilty, you will be sentenced.  Many individuals are found to be not guilty after their Upson County DUI Lawyer has presented evidence that raises “reasonable doubt” in the mind of the judge, or judge and jury.

Upson County Superior Court

Upson County Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felony DUI cases. In addition, if your case started in Probate Court or Thomaston. Municipal Court and you request a jury trial, your case will be transferred to Upson County Superior Court. Upson County Superior Court is part of the Griffin Judicial Circuit. Ms. Teresa Harper is the Clerk of Superior Court, and she can be reached at 706-647-5847. The Court address is 116 W. Main Street, Thomaston, GA 30286.

Upson County Probate Court

Upson County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all DUI cases that arise outside of Thomaston city limits. The Honorable Judge Danielle McRae presides over Upson County Probate Court. The Court is located at 106 E. Lee Street, Suite 210, Thomaston, GA 30286. For more information, call 706-647-7015.

Thomaston GA Municipal Court

If you have been arrested for DUI within Thomaston city limits, your case will proceed in Thomaston Municipal Courts. Ms. Candice Chatman is the Clerk of Court, and the Honorable Jefferson David Fowler is the Thomaston Municipal Court judge.  Court is held at 613 North Church Street, Thomaston, GA 30286. Please call (706) 647-4242 for more information.

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