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If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI in Habersham County, contact our offices immediately. A DUI charge can have a serious effect on the rest of your life, and it is imperative that you act quickly to save your future! Lucky for you, our Habersham County DUI Attorneys have over 50 combined years of experience. With our expertise, we can help you achieve an excellent result in your case. Call now to speak with us today.

You Have Options When Arrested for DUI in Habersham County

Many drivers who are arrested and charged with DUI think that fighting their charges is pointless, especially if they blew over the limit or failed a field sobriety test. Potential clients have often asked if their case is hopeless and if there is any point in fighting their charges. The short answer is yes. There are a number of arguments our DUI Attorneys in Habersham County can make on your behalf.

One of the things we look into is whether the initial traffic stop can be challenged. In addition to the traffic stop, our Habersham County DUI Lawyers can also challenge field sobriety tests, blood tests, urine tests, and breath tests. Even the arrest can be challenged.

There are many disadvantages to pleading guilty to your Habersham County DUI charge. The most obvious disadvantage is the penalties. Pleading guilty brings hefty fines, a license suspension, probation, and even time behind bars.

Another disadvantage to a guilty plea is the possibility of increased punishment if you are arrested for DUI in the future. Fighting your DUI charge and being successful is possible, but you will never know if you plead guilty without first knowing your options. The Habersham County GA DUI Attorneys with the Law Office of Richard Lawson can evaluate your case to see if there are any weaknesses in the State's case against you. 

Elements of a Habersham County DUI Charge

The prosecution must prove each element of your DUI charge to get a conviction. The essential components of a DUI offense are operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or by violating Georgia's per se law. Your DUI Lawyer in Habersham County will do everything within their power to disprove these elements, therefore making room for reasonable doubt of your guilt.

The under the influence part of a DUI charge depends on whether alcohol, drugs, or both impaired youl. A person is considered DUI if you are impaired to the extent that you are unable to drive a vehicle as safely as a sober person, under the same circumstances.  

Fortunately, there may be perfectly reasonable explanations for some of that evidence that has zero to do with you being intoxicated, such as medical issues, etc.

Field sobriety test results can also be challenged. Field sobriety testing is supposed to detect mental and physical impairment by making a suspect concentrate on two tasks simultaneously. Unfortunately, these tests are more than flawed; they are designed for failure. Many factors could cause you to perform poorly on field sobriety tests: illness, disability, injury, and more.

Clearly, evidence of a person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be attributed to factors that have zero to do with consuming alcohol or using drugs. Your Habersham County DUI Attorney will do a thorough investigation into your case to determine whether illness, injury or other possible factors were responsible for the circumstantial evidence that you were impaired.

Habersham County Superior Court

Habersham County Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all felony DUI cases. Additionally, if your case began in State Court or Municipal Court, and you request a jury trial, your case will be bound over to Superior Court. Habersham County is part of the Mountain Judicial Circuit along with Rabun and Stephens County. Two judges serve on the Mountain Circuit: Chief Judge Chan Caudell in Clarksville and Judge Russell Smith in Toccoa. The Clerk of Habersham Superior Court is David Wall, and he can be reached at 706-893-0300. The Court is located at 295 Llewellyn Street, Clarkesville, GA 30523.

Habersham County State Court

Habersham County State Court handles DUI cases that originate in the unincorporated parts of Habersham County. Judge Steven Campbell presides over the State Court. The Court is located at 295 Llewellyn Street, Clarkesville, GA 30523, and can be reached at 706-839-0300.

Alto Municipal Court

Alto Municipal Court handles DUI cases, traffic violations, and city ordinance violations that occur within Alto city limits. The Court is located at 4086 Gainesville Hwy, Alto, GA 30510. The Honorable Robert Sneed presides over the Court. For more information, call 706-778-8035.

Baldwin GA Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI within Baldwin city limits, your case would proceed in Baldwin Municipal Court. The Court is located at 155 Willingham Avenue, Baldwin, GA 30511, and can be reached at 706-778-6341 for more information.

Clarkesville Municipal Court

Clarkesville Municipal Court handles traffic violations, city ordinance violations, and other misdemeanor charges, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur with Clarkesville city limits. Judge Robert Sneed presides over the Court. The Municipal Court is located at 123 Laurel Drive, Clarkesville, GA 30523. For more information, call 706-754-5390.

Cornelia Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI in Cornelia, your case would proceed in Cornelia Municipal Court. The Court is located at 181 Larkin Street, Cornelia, GA 30531. Rachel Newkirk is the Court Clerk and you can reach her at 706-778-4314.

Demorest Municipal Court

Demorest Municipal Court handles DUI cases that arise within Demorest city limits. Judge Robert Sneed presides over the Court. Court is held the second Wednesday of each month at 2:00 at 125 Ivy Street, Demorest, GA 30535.

Tallulah Falls Municipal Court

Tallulah Falls Municipal Court has jurisdiction over DUI cases, traffic violations, city ordinance violations, and other misdemeanors that occur within Tallulah Falls city limits. Court is held at 255 Main Street, Tallulah Falls, GA 30573. For more information, call 706-754-6040.

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