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If you have been charged with DUI in Aragon or anywhere else in Polk County, contact our Aragon DUI Lawyers now. There is no time to waste when charged with DUI because your life, future, and freedom is on the line. Call now for a free case evaluation.

Common DUI Defenses to an Aragon DUI Charge

There are a wide variety of DUI defenses that our DUI Attorneys in Aragon can use to build your case. Every case is different and there is not a one-size fits alls solution. That is why our Aragon DUI Lawyers will spend hours combing through the evidence and exploring arguments to support a dismissal or reduction of the DUI charge. Some of the defenses are lawyers will explore include, but are not limited to:

  1. Was the initial stop conducted lawfully?
  2. If the stop was at a roadblock, was proper Georgia procedure followed?
  3. Was the stop a ploy or were you racially profiled?
  4. Were field sobriety tests executed according to procedure?
  5. Were you advised of your implied consent rights?
  6. Did the Georgia officer say anything inconsistent with implied consent rights?
  7. Was your vehicle searched? If so, was there probable cause to conduct the search?
  8. Did the Georgia officer advise the driver of their Miranda rights prior to questioning?
  9. Was a breath test administered and did the Intox 5000 machine work properly? Was the officer trained in its use?
  10. If a blood or urine test was done, was there a proper chain of custody, or could the sample have been replaced with another person's sample?
  11. Did blood or urine tests show prescription drugs, and were drug levels within the therapeutic range or the abusive range?
  12. Were you told of your right to an outside breath, blood, or urine test?
  13. Was the Georgia officer properly trained to make DUI Arrests?
  14. Did the officer have a disciplinary record? Is this officer still with the force in good standing?
  15. If there was an accident, could you have appeared impaired because of injury or stress from the accident directly?

These are just some of the defenses your Aragon DUI Lawyer will explore when investigating your case. Call now for more information and start building your best defense! 

Aragon Municipal Court

Aragon Municipal Court handles cases arising form city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur in Aragon city limits. The Honorable Judge Terry Wheeler presides over the Court, and Ms. Amy Loggins is the Court Clerk. The Court is located at 2814 Rome Highway, Aragon, GA 30104, and can be reached at 770.684.6563.

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