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DUI law is a specialized area of law that requires help from someone well-versed in the procedures, defenses, and legal requirements involved in DUI cases. Our Conyers DUI Lawyers have been defending clients charged with DUI for over 25 years and are intimately familiar with Georgia's DUI laws. We are in DUI courts every day and, therefore, know how to best defend against the charges. Call us now and see how we can make all the difference in your case.

Your DUI Case in Conyers GA

Georgia, like many other states, includes both a criminal case and a Georgia Department of Driver's Services (DDS) driver's license case following an arrest for DUI. You only have 30 days to file an appeal to DDS to prevent the automatic suspension of your driver's license. A failure to send a letter will result in a license suspension for up to one year. After submitting the letter, you will then be scheduled for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing. If you hire one of our DUI Lawyers in Conyers, we can appear for the hearing on your behalf. A successful outcome at the ALS hearing will result in a stay on your license suspension. Our Conyers DUI Attorneys have been successfully handling DUI cases for decades and understand how to save your license.

It is important to remember that the ALS hearing is separate from the criminal case against you. It in no way affects the outcome of your criminal case, and you still need an aggressive DUI Lawyer in Conyers to protect your rights. The criminal case is where you face penalties such as jail time, fines, community service, and alcohol or drug treatment programs. Your case can be resolved through pre-trial negotiations with the prosecutor or can be resolved through a trial. Our lawyers are skilled in negotiating plea deals but are also very experienced in DUI trials, if that is what it takes to get the outcome you need. Our Conyers DUI Lawyers know how to represent you at the ALS hearing as well as handle your criminal case.

Our DUI Approach

There are many factors that can affect a DUI charge. A good Conyers DUI Lawyer will thoroughly investigate each piece of evidence surrounding your charges, and look at all the options available to you. Our team of Conyers DUI Attorneys have powerful investigative skills and will pore over every detail of your case. We work to protect your rights, future, and driver's license! 

A DUI conviction brings hefty fines and stiff penalties. First-timers can pay up to $1000 in fines, face twelve months' probation, and a license suspension of up to one year. The penalties of second and third DUI offenses increase exponentially.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest, you should know that DUI is a serious crime that requires a serious defense. Timing is crucial, so do not hesitate to contact one of our DUI Lawyers in Conyers now. 

Conyers Municipal Court

Conyers Municipal Court is responsible for handling city ordinance violations, traffic violations, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting charges that originate within the city limits of Conyers. The Court is located at 1184 Scott Street, Conyers, 30012, and the Court phone number is 770-929-4208.

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