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Being pulled over for a suspected DUI can be an incredibly stressful experience. Georgia DUI penalties are harsh and include hefty fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction in Polk County GA could have signification consequences on your personal life and lasting effects on your family or job. If you were arrested for DUI in Polk County, it is imperative that you retain an attorney who will aggressively fight the charges you are facing. The Law Offices of Richard Lawson has over 50 combined years of experience. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call. Call now and receive a free case evaluation with one of our Polk County DUI Lawyers

Blood Tests in Georgia

Many people are confused as to what tests are mandatory and which tests they can refuse in Georgia when pulled over for a suspected DUI. The alco-sensor test is voluntary. However, if an officer reads you Georgia's Implied Consent Law, then you are required to submit to the state-administered chemical test of your blood, breath, urine test, or other bodily substances. If you submit to the test and the results show a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than .08, then you will be charged with a DUI per se if you are over 21. You will face criminal charges for being accused of a DUI, but you will also have a case with the Department of Driver Services that you will have to resolve. This is done through an administrative license hearing.

Refusing Blood Tests in Polk County

Georgia law requires you to submit to state administered chemical tests of your blood, breath, urine, or other bodily substances to determine whether you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you refuse the test, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended for at least one year. Additionally, the refusal can be introduced as evidence against you if the case goes to trial.

However, if you have refused a Georgia blood test, you still have hope for your case! Call our offices today to get the help you need. Our Polk County DUI Lawyers understand refusals in Georgia DUI cases and how the Georgia Implied Consent Law works.

Blood Test Refusal Defenses in Polk County

There are always defenses in a Polk County DUI case. If your BAC was calculated using a blood test, there are still ways of challenging the result. The test must have been properly, collected, stored, refrigerated and tracked.The agency must have a log of where the blood work was at all times and who transported it. They must also log how it was analyzed. If just one step wasn't followed, then the results of the test will be inadmissible. For instance, the blood tests must be transferred immediately, or the blood may start to decompose, and it can make the test inaccurate. 

Another challenge with blood tests is that it can be difficult to get everyone to court to testify about the blood results. There is also a mountain of paperwork that coincides with blood tests and sometimes, it can take a long time to get the documents through discovery. All of these difficulties are good for your case! But the best step you can choose for your case is to contact a DUI Lawyer in Polk County the moment you get arrested. The more time you can give your lawyer, the better. They will be able to comb through your blood test results carefully and scrutinize the findings.

Polk County Superior Court

If you have been charged with felony DUI within Polk County, your case will proceed in Superior Court. Judge Meng Lim and Judge Mark Murphy preside over the Court. Ms. Stacie Baines is the Clerk of Court. The Court is located at 100 Prior Street, Cedartown, GA 30125. For more information, call 770.749.2114.

Polk County Probate Court

Polk County Probate Court handles DUI cases that arise outside of Aragon or Cedartown or in an incorporated part of Polk County. The Honorable Linda Smith presides over the Court and Ms. Kathy Blalock is the Chief Clerk. The Court is located at 100 Prior Street, Cedartown, GA 30125. For more information, call 770.749.2128.

Aragon Municipal Court

Aragon Municipal Court handles cases arising form city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur in Aragon city limits. The Honorable Judge Terry Wheeler presides over the Court, and Ms. Amy Loggins is the Court Clerk. The Court is located at 2814 Rome Highway, Aragon, GA 30104, and can be reached at 770.684.6563.

Cedartown Municipal Court

If you been charged with DUI within Cedartown city limits, your case will proceed to Cedartown Municipal Court. The Honorable Judge Andrew Roper presides over the Court. For more information contact 770.748.4123. The Court is located at 105 Prior Street, Cedartown, GA 30125.

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