Driving in the Gore

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Driving in the Gore in Georgia

Many people are unsure what the gore is as it relates to traffic laws. Under Georgia law, the gore is defined as “the area of convergence between two lanes of traffic.“ In simpler terms, it is the divider between a highway lane and either an entrance or exit ramp. Gores were created to help protect ongoing traffic when cars are entering and exiting the freeway. Numerous accidents every year are caused by vehicles driving the gore, therefore, the hope was that the marked out area would help organize traffic so people could safely merge into traffic.

O.C.G.A. §40-5-50(b) states “no vehicle shall be driven over, across, or within any dividing space, barrier, gore, paved shoulder, or section separating the roadways of a divided highway.”

Some examples of illegal driving in the gore included:

  • Cutting across the gore to get back onto the highway because you were exiting on the wrong ramp
  • Cutting through the gore because you almost missed your exit
  • Coming down an entrance ramp and cutting across the gore before traffic merges

Driving in the Gore Conviction in Georgia

A conviction for driving in the gore carries fines up to $1,000 with the possibility of points being added to your driving record. Points on your license can result in higher insurance premiums or even cause you to be dropped by your insurance provider if you already have points on your license.

How Can a Georgia DUI Lawyer Help with My Driving in the Gore Case

No matter what type of ticket you have received, our DUI Attorneys in Georgia are here to help. We have decades of experience and know how to get you the best outcome possible. We are even able to help with your driving in the gore ticket. There are multiple defenses we can use to defend your case. Some defenses we can use include

  • Emergency use
  • The core was not clearly marked
  • Being forced into the gore by another car.

If you were about to miss your exit or realized you were getting off on the wrong exit, those are not adequate defenses to a driving in the gore ticket. However, we can still help!

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