Cost of a DUI in Georgia

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How Much Will a DUI Cost You in Georgia?

Many people are familiar with the criminal costs of a DUI, such as fines, jail time, community service, or even a license suspension, but what they fail to realize is how the consequences of a DUI conviction are even farther reaching. That is why our team of Georgia DUI Lawyers have dedicated their lives to defending those charged with DUI. We understand how a DUI can impact people for the rest of their lives, and we want to minimize that impact. Call now for a free case evaluation and discover how we can assist with your case.

Standard Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Georgia

Most DUI convictions in Georgia are considered misdemeanors. A misdemeanor conviction in Georgia comes with a fine up to $1,000, up to 12 months in jail, or both. There are also numerous court costs and fees that can double the fine amount.

In addition to jail time and fines, most people have to complete community service, DUI school, alcohol or drug treatment, and attend classes. All of these require extra time and also have their own fees associated with them. For second and subsequent DUIs, the accused is required to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle that comes with a monthly monitoring fee as well as installation and maintenance costs.

Additional Costs Associated with a DUI Conviction in Georgia

There are other costs that go along with a DUI charge and, ultimately, a conviction. Some of those costs include:

  1. The time spent defending their DUI. There are multiple court appearances in your DUI case ,and the jail time or time spent doing community service can force people to take time off work. This results in a loss of income for them.
  2. Loss of professional license. Some professions such as nurses, doctors, military, and lawyers do not look fondly upon DUI convictions. While one conviction may not cause you to lose your license, multiple DUI convictions could cause you to be suspended from practicing or have your license revoked.
  3. Future opportunities. For students trying to go to college, a DUI on their record can make it difficult to obtain financial aid or get into college. On the other hand, current college students convicted of DUI have to go before their school's disciplinary board and may find their scholarships revoked, or they may be suspended from school. In addition, a person who desires to work in the government and have top-secret security clearance will not be able to with a DUI on their record.
  4. Many companies provide a vehicle, which cannot be insured by a person who has a DUI, and most car rental agencies will not rent to DUI drivers.
  5. Some countries will not allow people to visit after a DUI Conviction. Canada, for example, considers DUI a felony and will not allow a person to visit for 10 years.
  6. Significant increase  in car insurance premiums. If you have been convicted of a DUI, it's undoubtedly going to nearly triple your monthly automobile insurance premium for the next 3-7 years.

In sum, defending a DUI charge can be expensive but having a DUI conviction on your record can be very costly. Many people want to save money by defending themselves but they don't realize how much it could end up costing them later. Our desire as Georgia DUI Attorneys is to protect you from the additional costs of a DUI. We will tirelessly work to get your case dismissed or your charge reduced so you do not have to face all the additional penalties.

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As you can see, having a DUI on your record not only has immediate costs, but can affect you for years after the conviction. The price of defending the DUI can often be far less than the costs you experience after the conviction. At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we want to prevent you from having to deal with these consequences. We understand what it takes to protect your rights, future, and freedom. With decades of experience, we are prepared and equipped to take your case and get you an excellent outcome. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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