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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Barrow County, you need to investigate what your options are for ways to avoid the severe punishments associated with a DUI. We encourage people to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. Never plead guilty to a DUI charge before you have your case examined by a skilled DUI lawyer. Our experienced Barrow County DUI Lawyers frequently find issues with arrest procedures and use them to your advantage! Call now for a free case evaluation.

DUI Penalties in Barrow County

Generally, one of the first questions we receive from clients is what kind of punishment they are facing. While we will address what penalties you could face for a first DUI conviction, remember these only apply if you are convicted. No one should simply plead guilty and accept these consequences. There are always DUI defenses we can use to support your case.

If convicted of DUI in Barrow County, the penalties you face will vary depending on a number of circumstances. The facts of the case influence whether a judge orders a sentence closer to the maximum or minimum limits.

First DUI penalty in Barrow County:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • 12 months of probation
  • Fine between $300-$100 plus court costs and surcharges
  • At least 40 hours of community service
  • DUI school
  • Driver's license suspension, with a limited permit to drive
  • MADD panel
  • Substance abuse counseling

Remember, these only come into play if you are convicted. Our Barrow County DUI Lawyers have decades of experience getting DUI charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. Let us help you avoid these consequences!

Penalties for a DUI Drug Charge in Barrow County Georgia

A DUI drugs conviction in Barrow County comes with harsh consequences. The penalties you may face include:

  • A fine between $300-$1,000
  • 10 to days to 12 months in jail
  • 40 hours of community service
  • Drug Use Risk Reduction Program
  • Up to one year of probation

In addition to the listed punishments, the Georgia Department of Driver Services can suspend your driver's license. However, these are possible punishments you may face if you are convicted! These are not guaranteed because there are always DUI defenses we can use to fight your case. We have numerous medical and scientific experts on our team that work to unearth flaws in the testing conducted.

Additionally, our Barrow County DUI attorneys have decades of experience and know how to find gaps in the prosecutor's case against you. Every case is different, and that is why we take the time to thoroughly study the facts of your case. After our analysis, we will present your options to you. Our DUI Lawyers in Barrow County's goal is to keep you driving and prevent a DUI from going on your permanent criminal record. 

Barrow County Superior Court

If you or a loved one has been charged with felony DUI, your case will proceed in Barrow County Superior Court. Furthermore, if your case originated in one of the Municipal Courts or Probate Court and you request a jury trial, your case will be transferred to Superior Court. Barrow County Superior Court is located at 652 Barrow Park Drive, Winder, GA 30680, and the phone number is 770-307-3045.

Barrow County Probate Court

If you were charged with DUI in an unincorporated part of Barrow County, your case will proceed in Barrow County Probate Court. The Court is located at 652 Barrow Park Drive, Winder, GA 30680, and the phone number is 770-307-3045.

Auburn Municipal Court

Auburn Municipal Court has jurisdiction over cases involving city ordinance violations, misdemeanor traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur with Auburn city limits. The Honorable Hammond Law presides over the Court and can be reached at 770-513-8657. The Court is located at 1361 Fourth Avenue, Auburn, GA 30011, and sessions are held the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Braselton Municipal Court

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in the city of Braselton, it can be a little confusing.  Braselton is unique because the city is partially in Jackson, Hall, Gwinnett, and Barrow counties.  As a result, if someone is charged with DUI in Braselton, their case will begin in Braselton Municipal Court. The address of the Braselton City Court is 5040 Highway 53 Braselton, GA 30517.

If you request a jury trial, however, the trial could take place in Jackson County State Court, Barrow County Superior Court, Gwinnett County State Court, or Hall County State Court. That is why it is critical to hire a Barrow County DUI Lawyer if you are charged in Braselton.

Statham Municipal Court

If you were arrested within the city limits of Statham for a city ordinance violation, traffic violation, or DUI, your case will proceed in Statham Municipal Court. The Court is held at the Statham Community Center located at 336 Jefferson Street, Statham, GA 30666. For more information, call 770-725-7100.

Winder Municipal Court

Winder Municipal Court handles cases involving traffic violations, city ordinance violations, and other misdemeanors that occur within Winder city limits. The city of Winder Municipal Court is held at the Barrow County Courthouse, located at 652 Barrow Park Drive, Winder, GA 30680 on Fridays at 9:00 am.  For more information, contact Winder Municipal Court via email at [email protected] or by phone at (678) 425-6883.

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Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense, and a single DUI charge can have permanent ramifications. Many people mistakenly believe that the best option is to plead guilty and accept the penalties because DUI is usually a misdemeanor charge. However, this is not true. There are always defenses our DUI Lawyers in Barrow County can use for your case. Call now for a free case evaluation and see how we can help with your case.

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