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If  you are accused of DUI or a related offense, call The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. Our DUI Attorneys in Walnut Grove have exclusively defended DUI cases for the past 25 years and have a long standing pattern of success. Our firm will dedicate their time to your DUI defense while you focus on your daily life. Call now for a free case evaluation.

What is the Legal Alcohol Limit for Driving in Georgia?

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to drive in Georgia will depend upon your age and role. A person who is under twenty-one will be presumed to be under the influence if their BAC is above 0.02%. However, someone who is over 21 can be charged for a BAC our 0.08%. For people who hold a commercial driver's license, the legal limit is in between at 0.04%. 

What is the 30 Day Letter?

In Georgia, drivers arrested for DUI only have 30 days from the date of their arrest to submit an appear to stop the suspension of their driver's license. This is known as the 30 Day Rule and the 30 Day Letter refers to the letter drivers must submit. The letter requests an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing to try and prevent the automatic suspension of your license. After the hearing is requested through sending the letter to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, you will receive another letter detailing the date of your ALS hearing. This hearing is separate from the criminal DUI proceedings. It will be in a different court with a different judge than the DUI case. Your prescience is not required at the ALS hearings but one of our Walnut Grove DUI Attorneys will go in your place. A successful outcome at an ALS hearing results in you keeping your driving privileges.

A failure to send the 30 day letter will result in the automatic suspension of your license for up to one year. That is why it is critical to speak with a DUI Lawyer in Walnut Grove soon after your arrest. Our Walnut Grove DUI Lawyers are very familiar with ALS hearings and are skilled in saving your license.

Walnut Grove DUI Defense

Being arrested and charged with DUI can be stressful and embarrassing. Our Walnut Grove DUI Lawyers understand everything you are going through and that you would like to get your life back together as soon as possible. We will aggressively represent you at both the ALS hearing and during the criminal case. At the ALS hearing, our goal is to keep you driving and prevent your driver's license from being suspended. After that hearing, then we will work on fighting your criminal case. We will work to get your DUI charge dismissed; but if that is impossible, then we will push to get you a reduced punishment.

Our Walnut Grove DUI Lawyers have over 50 combined years of experience. While we understand there are other attorneys you can turn to, our lawyers have developed skills that come only with years of experience as former prosecutors and running DUI Defense firms. We promise to keep you informed at every step and provide you with options whether it is through negotiation, plea-bargaining, or going to trial. We understand the penalties you are facing and the consequences they can have on your life and your future. Our Walnut Grove DUI Lawyers have developed a relationship with the judges, solicitors, and clerks in Walton County. We know how to reach an agreement, but we also know when we are going to have to take a case to trial.

Walnut Grove Municipal Court

The City of Walnut Grove handles cases that involve city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanor charges, including DUI, that occur within the Walnut Grove city limits. The Honorable Samuel Barth presides over the Court. The Court is located at 1021 Parks Street, Loganville, GA 30052 in the Community Building, and the Court can be reached at 770-787-0046.

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Contacting our experienced Walnut Grove DUI Lawyers about your case will help ease your mind about the DUI process. We promise that you will know what to expect and we will answer all of your questions no matter when you need us. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we value being accessible to our clients. 

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