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If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI in the City of Clayton GA, you need experienced representation immediately. As a former DUI prosecutor, our founder, Richard S. Lawson, has invaluable experience that will give you the advantage you need in court. With over 25 years of experience and 5,000 clients represented, our DUI Attorneys in the City of Clayton GA know how to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call now for a free case evaluation.

DUI Charges and Your Driver's License

If you are charged with DUI in the city of Clayton or anywhere else in Georgia, it is likely that your driver's license will be taken from you and sent to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services.  Once it arrives there, it is likely to be destroyed.  O.C.G.A. § 40-5-53 requires the agency to do so.   This is true even of licenses not issued by Georgia.  If you are not convicted of the offense or later meet the reinstatement requirements, then a new license or permit will be issued to you.  However, if you have a non-Georgia license, you may have to return to the issuing state to have the new license issued.

When you are arrested for DUI, Georgia law O.C.G.A. § 40-5-67 directs the officer to take the driver's license of any person, resident or non-resident, charged with a DUI violation.  The default instruction is for it to be attached to the citation that is forwarded to the court that will have initial jurisdiction of the DUI charge.  If the driver refuses the official state test or has a breath test result over the legal limit for the driver's classification, then the license will be attached to the original 1205 form and sent to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services.  The 1205 form includes a 30 day temporary driving permit and notice of the intent to administratively suspend the driver's license.  A copy of the 1205 form must be served on the driver. 

There is a limited time allowed by law to appeal the suspension.  This is the 30 day period that you may have heard about elsewhere.  The driver has thirty days to file an appeal and pay the $150 filing fee now required to contest the suspension.

It is almost always in the driver's interest to challenge the proposed suspension of driving privileges.  In some cases, the suspension will be avoided.  In others, it will give your City of Clayton GA DUI Lawyer an opportunity to obtain more information about the government's evidence against you. A win at the ALS hearing means that you get to keep your driving privileges. 

Remember, the license suspension hearing is separate from the criminal case against you. You need to hire an experienced Clayton GA DUI Attorney who is skilled at winning ALS hearings and achieving great results at court.

City of Clayton GA Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI within Clayton GA city limits, your case will proceed in Clayton Municipal Court. Clayton GA Municipal Court is located 99 North Church Street, Clayton, GA 30525. For more information, call 706-782-2181.

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