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Over the past decade, Georgia has cracked down on drunk driving and has passed aggressive laws and statutes designed to punish drunk drivers. Even though the laws and strict and penalties are harsh, a DUI charge is not the same as a DUI conviction! When you have a skilled DUI Attorney in Lovejoy in your corner, you have the opportunity to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. Call us now and see how our representation will make all the different in your case.

ALS Hearings

When the police arrest someone for a DUI in Lovejoy or anywhere else in Clayton County, it starts both a criminal prosecution and a civil administrative action against the accused.  Most are familiar with a traditional criminal prosecution.  However, there is a second "civil prosecution" against the defendant in regards to their privilege to drive. 

The civil action against a suspected DUI driver starts within thirty days of a person's arrest. An accused DUI driver only has thirty days to appeal their automatic license suspension or to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. Otherwise, their license will be automatically suspended.  

If you refuse chemical testing or submit to testing and your blood alcohol concentration is higher than .08%, the officer will confiscate your physical driver's license and fill out what is called a 1205 form. This form is a temporary driver's license that is valid for 30 days. To continue driving, a 30-Day Letter must be submitted timely with a $150 check or money order. When this letter is received, it stays the license suspension until your administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing.

Your Lovejoy DUI Attorney will handle this hearing for you so you do not have to appear. At this hearing, they will argue the lack of probable cause to arrest for the DUI or that the arresting officers violated Georgia's Implied Consent Law. Winning this hearing saves your privilege to drive in Georgia.

Lovejoy DUI Defense

Many people make the mistake of thinking that once arrested, they don't have any rights. This could not be further from the truth. You have rights that must be protected before, during, and after arrest. This is just one of the roles your Lovejoy DUI Lawyer will take on - ensuring that your rights were recognized, that you were afforded due process, and the arresting officers acted legally as they conducted the DUI arrest.

Furthermore, looking beyond the arrest, you have the right to a fair trial, which means that the court is required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before you can be convicted. As Lovejoy DUI Lawyers, we will oversee every aspect of your case, from the initial stop to your hearing and every step in between. We will defend your rights at every stage of your case!

Lovejoy Municipal Court

Lovejoy Municipal Court has jurisdiction over DUI charges that occur within Lovejoy city limits. The Honorable Judge Crandle Bray presides over the Court. The Court is located at 2296 Talmadge Road, Lovejoy, GA 30250. For more information, contact 678-610-9748.

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