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You might think that DUI refers to one kind of crime: drunk driving. In reality, there are many different types of DUI – felonies, misdemeanors, marijuana DUIs – and our firm is qualified to defend them all. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an Atlanta DUI defense lawyer can help you stand up for your rights in court. With nearly two decades of experience, we understand the ins and outs of DUI defense. Let us put this experience to work for you!

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Types of Atlanta DUI Charges

The term "DUI" refers to a multitude of specific criminal charges related to impaired driving. Our law firm is prepared to fight for your rights against any form of DUI. Common Atlanta DUI charges include:

  • First-Time DUIs
    Drunk driving is a priorable offense, which means that subsequent charges are susceptible to harsher penalties. First-time DUIs, although less serious than a second or third DUI, are still subject to fines, incarceration, and other penalties.
  • Multiple DUIs
    If you have a prior DUI offense on your record, subsequent charges are punishable by extended periods of incarceration and stiffer fines. With the help of a lawyer from our firm, you may be able to avoid these penalties and find a better solution.
  • DUI with Drugs
    Many people assume that "DUI" refers to driving under the influence of alcohol. In reality, this crime refers to drug impairment as well. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of a drug, such as marijuana, our law firm can help.
  • DUI Accidents & Injuries
    If law enforcement believes that you caused an accident or injury while driving under the influence, you could face serious legal repercussions. To learn more about your defense options, call our office today for a consultation.
  • Underage DUIs
    Since motorists under the age of 21 should not be drinking at all, underage DUIs are subject to a different set of penalties and require unique defense strategies. Our firm is familiar with underage DUIs and the concerns associated with them.

How to Fight Your Atlanta DUI Charge

DUI is a specific practice area. Though it is criminal defense, it is a specialized area that requires specialized understanding of the laws, the tests used as alleged evidence, the practices and policies of law enforcement with regard to it, and the court system. There is a lot of intersections in a DUI case, so an Atlanta DUI attorney must be cognizant of what these things are and how they work -- but not only that: how to use that knowledge and insight to your benefit.

Most attorneys do not know how to properly investigate or interpret blood results, and that's a problem because blood tests are problematic. Most attorneys want to settle via a plea deal, advising you that it is your best option given the evidence. But with our highly experienced Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyers who have the experience, insight, and resources, we know what to look for and obtain the best possible result.

Every case is unique and will need a specific strategy to be successful. There are specific ways a DUI can be fought, and here are a few general successful techniques:

  • Representing you at your ALS hearing to obtain important evidence on which to build your criminal case (as well as help you maintain your driving privileges).
  • Violation of any constitutional rights, like failure to have reasonable suspicion to pull you over and improper search and seizure of your person or property.
  • Challenging field sobriety tests,
  • Challenging breath tests,
  • Challenging blood tests,
  • Filing motions requesting the court to suppress evidence or exclude witness testimony.
  • Using police reports to identify key pieces of information and challenge police officers recollections and proper administration of the law.
  • Challenging witness testimony, including the testimony of police officers.
  • If an accident occurred, proving it was not your fault.

In the end, your DUI defense is one part knowing the laws and these defenses and one part being able to put it together strategically. Who can do that? With us, it is not about if you can win your case, but how we are going to win it.

We will Help You Fight Your Atlanta DUI

At The Law Offices of Richard Lawson we believe in making the judge and jury accountable to the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty. In any DUI charge, from a misdemeanor to a felony to multiple pending charges, all elements of each crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Anything less means a conviction cannot happen.

Our Atlanta DUI Lawyers use their skill and insight to develop a strategy that works to get your charges dismissed prior to trial or you acquitted at trial. As such, we always prepares for trial. We are not the kind of Atlanta DUI defense attorneys who will persuade you to take a plea deal. You deserve your innocence maintained or a second chance without the plague of a criminal record.

ALS Hearings in Atlanta

After a DUI arrest, you only have thirty days to schedule an ALS hearing or your driver's license will be automatically suspended, regardless of the outcome of your DUI court case. An ALS hearing (Administrative License Suspension hearing) is not connected to the court proceedings of your DUI, but is a separate procedure through the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

If you fail to request a hearing, you will automatically lose your driving privileges 46 days after your arrest. If you refused to submit to DUI testing, such as blood or breath tests, your license can be suspended for a year. In most other cases, your license will be suspended for 30 days. The only way to halt this suspension is by requesting an ALS hearing.

See how an Atlanta DUI defense attorney from our firm can help you fight for your license during an ALS hearing when you click here.

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