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Why You Need to Avoid a Conviction

You've just been arrested for drunk driving—what do you do next? Many people are faced with the difficult decision to contest their charges or plead guilty. There are many apparent pros and cons to each alternative, which is why you should consult with a skilled Atlanta DUI lawyer to determine the best option as soon as possible.

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In many cases, Attorney Richard S. Lawson has been able to get our clients' charges reduced, dropped, or completely dismissed. He has successfully resolved almost 5,000 DUI cases in his legal career, giving him the insight needed to carefully review your case and provide the best direction. Get us behind your case today.

Drunk Driving Convictions & Your Employment

One reason that people may accept a guilty plea is to avoid a lengthy court battle as well as court and attorney fees, but the alternative might actually be more severe. By accepting a guilty plea, a DUI conviction goes on your criminal record as well as your driving record. Not only that, but you will receive serious fines and possible jail time. When you have a job that involves frequent driving, this can be especially concerning.

Aside from jail time and fines, DUI convictions can have the following negative consequences:

  • A mark on your criminal record
  • Possible loss of employment
  • Loss of commercial driver's license
  • Temporary impounding of your car at your expense
  • Loss of professional accreditation
  • Social stigma
  • Possible probation
  • Mandatory enrollment in DUI school
  • Difficulty in finding other employment or securing loans

Don't forget, it is possible to avoid a conviction, even if it seems like the evidence is stacked against you.

How to Fight a DUI Charge

With the help of an Atlanta DUI lawyer, you could plead "not guilty" and thereby start the process of formally contesting your DUI charge. You are innocent until proven guilty, just as with any other criminal charge. Your attorney can challenge your charges by bringing in expert witnesses to review forensic evidence, cross-examining the arresting officer, proving inadmissibility of certain evidence, and many other tactics.

Through this approach, you could have your charges adjusted or even dismissed if there is no longer sufficient evidence against you. Remember, the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which means they need more than just assumptions from a police officer. Incorrectly administered tests, violation of procedures, and other minor issues can go a long way to clear your name.

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Distinct from criminal defense, drunk driving defense is unique and requires extensive knowledge of common procedures such as DUI stops, breath and blood testing, regulations for administering sobriety tests and much more. Attorney Richard S. Lawson has more than 25 years of experience in the field of DUI defense and can use this to help with your case.

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