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After graduating from the University of Georgia, Kimberly Berry pursued a law degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law. Graduating as a dean's scholar, she began her legal career as a public defender, eventually garnering the attention of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council Honors program for her performance as zealous advocate in court. She is qualified to practice law in juvenile, state, recorders, municipal and superior courts.

She is also licensed to practice law in the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia. She also handles criminal defense cases in the Northern District. Last year, she completed a training program and is now certified in impaired driver detection and standardized field sobriety testing – the same training received by police officers. She seeks the help of DUI expert witnesses and is constantly striving to become the best DUI defense attorney she can be by learning about the latest developments in DUI detection and DUI technologies.

Ms. Berry has successfully represented hundreds of clients in felony and misdemeanor cases. She is experienced in alcohol-impaired and drugged driving defense. She has conducted hearings and motions in the state of Georgia and gives her clients the aggressive representation they need. Ms. Berry has helped clients with license suspension and revocation cases. She is committed to giving each of her clients the proper care and attention that they deserve and always puts her best foot forward to get the favorable outcome her client needs. She is a skilled negotiator and will fight for a fair plea bargain or charge reduction.

Every year, police officers overzealously charge innocent drivers with intoxicated or drugged driving. As a defense attorney, Ms. Berry is devoted to helping people wrongfully accused of a crime they didn't commit. She is equipped to help defendants fight probation violation allegations, DUI charges, child endangerment charges, vehicular homicide allegations and other offences. If you've been accused of impaired driving, a powerful defense attorney like Ms. Berry could help you stay out of jail. Schedule a free case consultation with the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson as soon as possible.

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