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Georgia DUI laws are complex and difficult to navigate on your own. We understand that when charged with DUI, you may be fearful about how a DUI conviction can impact your future. That is completely normal! At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we understand this and want to help ease your mind by assisting with your case. Our DUI Attorneys in Morgan County GA have over 25 years of DUI experience. With the assistance of a former DUI prosecutor on our team, we know how to make the law work for you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

DUI Defense

A DUI charge is unique from most other criminal charges because a DUI charge invokes two separate processes: an administrative proceeding where you can have your driver's license suspended and a criminal proceeding where you face penalties of jail time and fines among other things if convicted. For first time offenders, the punishments can seem excessive and unfair, and it can be intimidating to go to court. Many people plead guilty because they don't think they have a chance of beating the charge.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Morgan County GA, we want to help you understand that there are defenses available to you! We firmly believe every DUI charge can be mitigated in some way. We will help you discover all of the possible outcomes to your DUI charge and what the consequences might mean to you. Whether you desire less jail time, keeping your license, or keeping a conviction off your record, we can help. We will walk through your case with you and determine what the best strategy is. We will then obtain any evidence we need to make this possible. This includes police reports, witness testimonies, a trip to the scene, breath test records, or discussions with a medical expert. Pleading guilty to a DUI without seeking legal representation is a mistake!

With our top-rated Morgan County GA DUI Attorneys, the court system and trial process do not have to be intimidating. We have former DUI prosecutors on our team that know how to make the law work for you instead of against you.

During the ALS process and after it is resolved, rest assured we are working on your criminal case as well. We investigate whether any of your rights were violated during the arrest or anytime after. This includes evaluating the constitutionality of the stop, whether the field sobriety tests were administered properly, whether there was cause to arrest you for drinking and driving, making sure you were timely given your Miranda rights, and looking into the process for handling your breath or blood test. After this, we carefully examine all the evidence to see which defenses apply to your case. Every case is different and requires a carefully tailored strategy. We will work with you throughout this process keeping you apprised of every court date, every option, and how your case is progressing. We pride ourselves on being available to our clients whenever you need us - including nights, weekends, and holidays.

We understand the DUI process can be scary and overwhelming. There are a number of ways to defend your Morgan County DUI charge. Call our DUI Lawyers in Morgan County GA now to discover how we can assist with your case and avoid the severe penalties associated with a DUI conviction.

DUI Penalties

A Morgan County DUI arrest can have many consequences from criminal penalties, licensing implications to immigration issues. We are here to help educate you on the penalties a DUI can have on your life that you may not be aware of.

If convicted of a first DUI in Morgan County, a person can expect the court to impose jail time, fines, probation, community service, driver's license suspension, substance abuse counseling, as well as attendance of a DUI Risk Reduction School. If it is a second or subsequent DUI conviction in Atlanta, those convicted will face additional penalties such as license plate surrender, an ignition interlock device, declaration as a habitual violator, and more. The penalties for a DUI can extend beyond jail time and make it challenging to obtain housing, employment, financial aid, and credit.

DUI charges are not to be taken lightly! They come with serious repercussions, and you must hire an accomplished Morgan County DUI Attorney as soon as possible.

Morgan County Superior Court

If you have been charged with felony DUI, your case will proceed in Morgan County Superior Court. Morgan County is part of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit along with Baldwin, Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Jones, Putnam, and Wilkinson County. Court is located at 384 Hancock Street, Madison, GA 30650. Ms. Jody M. Higdon is the Clerk of Superior Court, and she can be reached at 706-342-3605.

Morgan County Probate Court

If you or a loved one was arrested for DUI in an unincorporated part of Morgan County, your case will proceed in Probate Court. Morgan County Probate Court is located at 149 E. Jefferson Street, Madison, GA 30650. For more information, call 706-343-6500.

Madison GA Municipal Court

Madison Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors, including DUi and shoplifting, that occur within Madison city limits. Ms. Katie Dunworth is the Municipal Court Clerk, and she can be reached at 706-342-1275. Madison Municipal Court is held in the Lower Courtroom of the Morgan County Courthouse located at 149 E. Jefferson Street, Madison, GA 30650.

Rutledge GA Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI within Rutledge city limits, your case will proceed in Rutledge Municipal Court. Court is held at the Rutledge Police Department located at 112 Martha Lane, Rutledge, GA 30663. The Honorable Charles Merritt, Jr. is the Municipal Court Judge. For more information, call (706) 557-2223.

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