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At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we understand that a DUI arrest may be something you were completely unprepared for. You may be struggling to decide where to start and overwhelmed by the criminal process. Let our DUI Lawyers in Villa Rica help. We have been exclusively practicing DUI law for over 25 years and have represented over 5,000 clients. We are here to take the burden off of you and let you relax knowing you are receiving the best representation in Georgia. Call us now and see how we can protect your rights.

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Villa Rica DUI Case?

We talk to people all the time that believe they can handle their DUI case on their own. We hear people rationalize this choice by saying, “it's just a misdemeanor charge.” Even some police officers will tell first time DUI offenders that they do not need a Villa Rica DUI Attorney. Georgia DUI laws are strict and highly technical. A DUI conviction can result in a loss of driving privileges, loss of a job, jail time, strain on finances, higher insurance rates, as well as a criminal record. It can also result in a long list of other social and legal problems. A DUI charge is not to be taken lightly even though it is considered a misdemeanor. It is an important, potentially life-altering situation, and you not only need a lawyer, but you need someone with decades of experience in DUI defense.

DUI cases can be challenging to understand because you have two cases against you: the criminal case and an administrative case against the Department of Driver Services. This must be resolved at different times and different hearings. With regard to your criminal case, it is important to remember that you will have a lawyer against you. Their job is to get convictions, not to help you. Even if they offer you a diversion program, it is in your best interest to have that agreement looked over by an attorney. The terms of the agreement will dictate your life, a failure to comply will result in a conviction for the original charge.

Our firm has had numerous clients come to us just before accepting a plea deal or diversion only to achieve a dismissal, acquittal, or return of their driver's license through our representation. We have also helped people deal with the aftermath of inadequate legal representation in DUI cases.

The consequences of a DUI conviction cannot be understated. Losing your driving privileges is a significant penalty because all of us depend on driving. Combine a license suspension with jail time or hefty fines or treatment programs, and your life may be turned upside down. A DUI charge is not a simple traffic violation but a complex legal situation that will have an impact on your future. Do not jeopardize your future by trying to represent yourself. Our Villa Rica DUI Lawyers would love to assist with your case and make sure you get the best outcome possible!

Villa Rica DUI Defense

Every DUI case comes with a new set of facts and a new way to interpret the law, which our Villa Rica DUI attorneys are experts in handling. Once arrested for DUI, the clock is ticking. You only have 30 days to save your license, and there are motion deadlines to pay attention to. Upon calling our office, we will take the time to thoroughly examine your case. This can include interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene of the arrest, obtaining police records, watching dashcam videos, and reaching out to medical experts. We will look at your case from every angle to develop arguments to undermine the State's case against you.

Our DUI Lawyers in Villa Rica focus exclusively on DUI law and therefore are knowledgeable in the best arguments to make for each case. We understand that your case offers a unique set of facts, and we are ready to rise to the challenge. We practice throughout the state of Georgia and have spent years building relationships with prosecutors, judges, and court staff.

Villa Rica Municipal Court

Villa Rica Municipal Court has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations and state traffic offenses. Specific type cases handled by the court include routine traffic offenses, driving under the influence of alcohol, possession and consumption by a minor, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, and misdemeanor shoplifting. The court also is responsible for entering case dispositions and forwarding entries to the Department of Drivers Services (DDS). Villa Rica Municipal court is held in the Holt-Bishop Justice Center located at 101 Main Street, Villa Rica, GA 30180. The Honorable Judge Michael Hubbard presides over the Court.

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