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If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, contact our DUI Attorneys in Gordon County today. We understand that a DUI arrest can be scary, and you may be overwhelmed. That is why we are here to help! Our Gordon County DUI Lawyers have over 25 years of experience and know precisely what it takes to achieve a successful outcome. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation.

Penalties for Drunk Driving in Gordon County

Most people are unaware that a DUI charge is rarely the only offense a driver is charged with when arrested for DUI. Frequently charged offenses with DUI include failure to maintain lane, speeding, vehicular homicide, and child endangerment. Furthermore, the specifics of your case determine the severity of the penalty that you face. Some examples of the penalties you may face include:

  • First Time DUI Penalty - A first-time DUI conviction can result in a maximum of one year in jail, a one-year license revocation, fines of up to $1,000, an ignition interlock device (IID) being installed in your vehicle, community service, and an order to complete an alcohol and drug treatment program.
  • Repeat Offenses - If you have been convicted of multiple DUIs, the penalties will be enhanced. For example, a third DUI conviction can result in a fine up to $5,000, a five year license suspension, and a mandatory ignition interlock device.
  • Violation of Georgia Implied Consent Laws– Every driver who gets behind the wheel does so under implied consent laws. This means you are willing to submit to blood alcohol testing if you are pulled over by law enforcement on suspicion of drunk driving. If you refuse to comply with Georgia's implied consent laws, you can expect your license to be suspended for one year as a first-time offender. 
  • Vehicular Homicide – Vehicular homicide occurs when your drunk driving has caused the death of another. In Georgia, homicide by vehicle can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on if it is First or Second Degree homicide by vehicle.

These are just a few of the crimes tied to DUIs in Gordon County. If you've been charged with one of the previously mentioned crimes or if you are facing other DUI charges, reach out to your Gordon County DUI Lawyer so we may begin fighting for you.

Other Ways Your Life May Be Impacted by a DUI Conviction

In addition to the penalties we've described above, your life is also likely to be impacted in a number of other ways. For example, you may find it difficult to find employment in the future when your background check shows a DUI conviction.

If you are a student, you may find that you no longer qualify for scholarships or federal student loans.  If you hold a professional license such as nursing, law, or CDL, a DUI conviction can put your career at risk.

Avoiding a guilty verdict is of utmost importance, and our DUI Lawyers in Gordon County understand the importance.  Being convicted of any DUI-related offense can ruin your life, which is why retaining an experienced Gordon County DUI Attorney is in your best interest when fighting your DUI charge.

Gordon County Superior Court

Gordon County Superior Court is in the Cherokee Judicial Circuit that consists of both Bartow and Gordon Counties. The Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all felony DUI cases. Additionally, if your case begins in Gordon County Probate Court or one of the municipal courts, and you request a jury trial, your case will be bound over to Gordon County Superior Court. The Honorable Judge David Smith and Judge Suzanne Smith preside over the Cherokee Judicial Circuit. The Courthouse is located at 101 South Piedmont Street, Calhoun, GA 30701. For more information, call 706-629-7763.

Gordon County Probate Court

Gordon County Probate Court handles traffic violations and DUI charges that originate outside of Calhoun and in unincorporated parts of the county. The Honorable Judge John Parker presides over the Court. The Courthouse is located at 100 South Wall Street, Calhoun, GA 30701, and can be reached at 706-629-7314.

Calhoun Municipal Court

Calhoun Municipal Court handles cases originating from city ordinance violations, traffic violations, and other misdemeanor offenses, including DUI and shoplifting, that occur within Calhoun city limits. Court is held each Monday at 5:00 p.m. at 100 Piedmont Street, Calhoun, GA 30701. For more information, call 706-602-5790.

Fairmount Municipal Court

Misdemeanor DUI cases that resulted from an arrest that occurred within Fairmount city limits will be heard in Fairmount Municipal Court. The Honorable Judge Robert Sneed presides over the Court. Court is held in Fairmount City Hall located at 2265 Highway 411 SE, Fairmount, GA 30139. For more information, contact the Court at (706) 337-5306.

Resaca Municipal Court

Misdemeanor DUI cases that originated from an arrest in Resaca are heard in Resaca Municipal Court. The Honorable Robert Sneed is the judge,  The Clerk of Court is Kelly Shaw, and may be contacted at (706) 624-1336. Court is held the last Monday of every month at 330 Walker Street, Resaca, Georgia 30735.

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