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If you were arrested for DUI in Monroe or anywhere else in Walton County, contact our office now. Our Monroe DUI Attorneys have over 25 years experience and are ready to assist with your case. If this is your first DUI or you have been declared a habitual violator, our team is ready to help. Call us now for a free case evaluation.

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No matter which type of DUI you have been charged with, our DUI Lawyers in Monroe GA can help. DUI charges are highly technical, especially for a charge of DUI combination. There are always arguments they can make to support your case.

Successful DUI defense combines knowledge, experience, negotiation skills, and advocacy from your Monroe GA DUI attorney. While every case is different and results cannot be guaranteed, many of our clients have had their DUI charges dismissed, reduced, had jail time modified to community service, and more.

Habitual Violator in Monroe

If you have committed three major offenses within a 5 years, you will receive the habitual violator status. Habitual violator is not a crime it and of itself; instead, it is a status. Once declared a habitual violator, your license will be suspended for five years. After two years of suspension, you may be eligible for a special permit.

Multiple offenses that can lead to a habitual violator (HV) status in Georgia. They include:

  • DUI
  • Hit and Run
  • Racing on Highways or Streets
  • Fleeing or Attempting to Elude
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Serious Injury by Vehicle
  • Feticide by Vehicle in the First Degree
  • Child Endangerment while DUI
  • Any Felony using a Motor Vehicle
  • Driving on a Suspended, Revoked, or Canceled License
  • Felony Forgery Conviction
  • Unlawful or Fraudulent Use of or Application for a License or ID Card

A conviction for any three of these offenses within five years will result in the violator being notified on their habitual violator status and the suspension of their driver's license. The time period is measured from the date of the arrest to the date of arrest. If you are facing Habitual Violator status, our Monroe GA DUI Lawyers are here to help. With decades of experience behind us, we know how to help save your future. 

Levels of Habitual Violator Offenses

If declared an HV, it is a felony to drive at all! If caught driving while on HV status, the penalties are severe. The penalty for driving depends on the particulars of your situation and what level of HV offense it was.

The first level of HV offenses occurs if you were labeled a HV and caught driving after the five-year suspense has ended, but you have not reinstated your Georgia driver's license, then you will be charged with misdemeanor habitual violator. The penalty will be up to twelve months in jail, a fine up to $1,000, or both.

A second way a person can violate their HV status is by violating their driving limitations. After two years, the offender may be eligible for a permit with the installation of an interlock device. Even though you can legally drive, there are limitations. You are allowed to drive to work, medical appointments, school, drug or alcohol abuse meetings, or court related functions. Driving outside of these situations will cause you to be charged with a misdemeanor habitual violator offense. In addition to losing your permit for the remainder of the five-year suspension, you will face up to twelve months in jail and a fine up to $1,000.

The third level of HV offense is driving without a limited permit. It is felony to drive as an HV. The penalty is up to five years in prison.

The fourth level of HV offense is the most serious level. It's got two parts. The first part is being charged with driving as a Habitual Violator without a limited permit (with an interlock device). The second part is not only being caught driving, but also driving under the influence or committing another serious offense while being a Habitual Violator.

Monroe GA Municipal Court

The City of Monroe Municipal Court is located at 116 South Broad Street, Monroe, GA 30655. The Clerk of Court is Lynn Carrell, and she can be reached at 770-266-5158.

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