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When you have had your driver's license suspended, things can get very complicated. Getting to work, school, the grocery store, or any other daily task is now a problem. Taxis, friends, public transportation – these are a few of the options that you have to use to get around. In many cases of suspended licenses, it may be possible to appeal the suspension and fight to have your legal right to drive your vehicle restored to you. An attorney from The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson can assist in appealing the decision to suspend your license.

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In many cases there are legal actions that can be implemented in order to restore your ability to drive. In some cases a restricted license is the result, and in other cases, there are no restrictions. It is important to have an attorney that fully understands all aspects of the system and how it works when fighting to get your license back. Attorney Richard S. Lawson has focused exclusively on DUI defense for over 20 years and is extremely experienced with the problems associated with having a suspended license. He knows how to restore your right to drive as quickly as possible.

This is a very important matter for the client, and it will be handled with the priority treatment you would expect for a vital matter. As each license suspension has different circumstances, it is necessary to review the details of the case and what happened in order to advise you how to move forward. If you were found guilty of DUI, there are a variety of options available to resolve the issue of your suspended license. The defense lawyer will act quickly and can advise you what to expect when appealing a suspended license, as well as any other matters related to charges or convictions. The firm has a history of successfully defended DUI charges, and it is known for well-researched, professional, and timely handling of driving under the influence charges and driver's license suspension.

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