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At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our DUI Attorneys in Crawford County are ready to take your call. Our founder, Richard Lawson, served as a DUI prosecutor before forming his own practice. His experience and knowledge is unparalleled and he has helped our firm resolve over 5,000 DUI cases throughout Georgia.  Find out what we can do for you by calling for a free case evaluation.

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If you were arrested for DUI, you need an experienced and qualified Crawford County GA DUI Lawyer on your side to protect your rights. 

But, more than that, you need a Crawford County DUI Attorney with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of Georgia DUI law to fight for you. At the Law Office of Richard Lawson, our expertise, aggressive approach, and intricate understanding of DUI law have helped our clients maintain their freedom and driving privilege.

Our Crawford County GA DUI Lawyers know every single angle of a DUI case and how to give you the best advantage. If the officer who arrested you did not follow the proper policies and procedures in any aspect of your arrest: from pulling you over, administering field sobriety and blood alcohol tests, we will use that information to your benefit and get your case dismissed or the best outcome possible. That is why it is critical to have a Crawford County GA DUI Attorney in your corner. Remember, you should never attempt to defend yourself against a DUI charge.

What is the 30 Day Letter?

When a person is arrested for DUI in Crawford County or anywhere else in Georgia, they only have 30 days to appeal the automatic suspension of their drivers license or privilege to drive in Georgia. With all 30-Day letters, you must send the State a $150 filing fee or the letter will not be accepted. In the event you fail to appeal your suspension, your license can be suspended from as little as 30 days to as much as one year in the case of an alleged refusal.

As long as your Crawford County DUI attorney files an appeal of your suspension by sending the “30 day letter,” you can still legally drive. Your privilege to drive is not limited in any way prior to the ALS hearing requested with the appeal.

The 30-day letter must be postmarked by the 30th day after your arrest to ensure that your request for a hearing is accepted. If it has been less than 30 days since your arrest, you can still send the letter along with the required $150 filing fee and it may still be accepted, but there is no guarantee of acceptance. If the letter is not accepted, the $150 filing fee is refundable after 90 days.

If you were never served with a DDS Form 1205, you should pay the filing fee and request a hearing even if the 30 day filing period has passed, on the grounds that you were never given notice by the officer of a pending administrative license suspension. If you submitted to a State-administered test, you will be eligible for a limited driving period if your license is administratively suspended. You will also be able to reinstate your license after 30 days if you show proof of completion of DUI School and pay a reinstatement fee. Any period of time your license is suspended will be counted toward fulfillment of any future suspension if you are later convicted of DUI.

If you refused to submit to a State-administered test, you will not be eligible for a limited driving permit or early reinstatement and will be subject to a 12-month license suspension.

Crawford County Superior Court

Crawford County Superior Court has jurisdiction over all felony DUI cases and jury trials that occur within Crawford County. Crawford County is part of the Macon Judicial Circuit, along with Peach and Bibb counties. Mr. Ryan Johnson serves as the Superior Court Clerk. The Court is located at 100 Ga Hwy. 42 South, Knoxville, GA 31050. For more information, call 478.836.3328.

Crawford County Probate Court

Crawford County Probate Court has jurisdiction over DUI cases that arise outside of Roberta and in unincorporated areas of the county. The Honorable Judge Pamela L. Busbee presides over the Court. Probate Court is located at 100 Ga. Hwy. 42 S, Knoxville, GA 31050. For more information, call 478.836.3313.

Roberta Municipal Court

If you have been arrested for DUI within Roberta city limits, your case will proceed in Roberta Municipal Court. The Court is located at 123 East Agency Street, Roberta, GA 31078. For more information, call 478.836.3119.

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