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You can be charged with DUI for having drugs in your system while behind the wheel. According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Americans have become increasingly familiar with the repercussions of driving while intoxicated, while neglecting to see the dangers of driving under the influence of controlled substances, especially prescription medications. This, however, means law enforcement will continue to crack down hard on such offenses.

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The National Drug Control Strategy

Several federal agencies, such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) and ONDCP, are working to address the drugged driving problem in the U.S by spreading awareness and attempting to increase the penalties.

Here is how ONDCP intends to enact its strategy:

  • Inform the communities and individuals on drugged driving dangers
  • Have trained professionals act as a form of drugged driving prevention
  • Provide law enforcement officers with drug identification training
  • Standardized screening procedures for drug testing labs

The goal is to be able to allow law enforcement and the drug testing labs greater education and access so drugged driving can be more accurately identified. Presently, drug testing labs do not have the ability to identify drugs in an individual's system accurately enough to determine whether or not an individual was driving drugged. This means that DUI charges involving drugs can often be made more on speculation, rather than hard facts and evidence.

Inaccurate Testing & Per Se Laws

While drugged driving remains a prevalent threat to drivers sharing the road, enforcing drugged driving laws have lagged behind DUI litigation. Why? Awareness may be somewhat responsible, along with inaccurate test methods. Law enforcement can easily measure an individual's blood alcohol concentration (BAC); however, no tests have been developed that can accurately gauge the amount of drugs in a person's system or their level of impairment. To begin with, different drugs affect the human body differently, so an individual's level of impairment depends on the type of drug they have taken.

Secondly, some drugs are detectable in blood tests long after the effects of the drug have worn off. Because of this, some states (including Georgia) have adopted Per Se laws. Per Se laws declare driving with any amount of traceable drugs in your system to be illegal. This way, police officers do not need to measure an individual's level of impairment; if blood tests indicate any amount of drugs, they may be charged with drugged driving.

Zero-tolerance laws make it easier for law enforcement to make drugged driving arrests. Per Se laws may also make it easier for law enforcement to arrest individuals who are not actually driving while impaired. For example, marijuana can remain in a person's system for weeks after it has been used. This often leaves room for charges to be challenged in court, especially with the right Atlanta DUI lawyer on your side.

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