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While driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is taken very seriously in the United State, multiple DUI convictions are considerably more serious. In Georgia, your first and second DUI arrests will usually be charged as misdemeanors. A third DUI, however, is typically charged as a felony and can permanently damage your record.

Whether the court considers your third DUI offense a misdemeanor or a felony, you risk facing extreme penalties. Fortunately, you are not alone. Attorney Richard S. Lawson has more than 25 years of experience as an Atlanta DUI attorney and will do whatever it takes to achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

What penalties could I receive if convicted of a third DUI in Atlanta?

Every subsequent DUI conviction after a first offense increases in the harshness of incurred penalties. Even first convictions can carry heavy penalties, such as time in jail and a suspended license. Based on the circumstances surrounding your offense, the court will determine an appropriate sentence.

A third DUI conviction can result in the following:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • Up to $5,000 in fines
  • License suspension for five years
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device (IID)

In Georgia, the look back period is 10 years. This means that if you received any DUI convictions in the last 10 years, they can be counted against you for sentencing purposes.

The court may also require you to participate in a risk reduction program. The Department of Driver Services (DDS) created an intervention program mandated for DUI offenders, individuals convicted of drug possession, and people convicted of underage drinking and driving. These programs are typically composed of two sections and both must be completed before the requirement is satisfied.

These DUI schools are extremely strict on attendance and require each individual to sign a statement agreeing to attend the school in accordance to its specific policies. Arriving late, missing just one class, or failing to submit mandatory class work can result in the court ordering you to take the course again.

Our firm understands the pressure that can come with any DUI charge, particularly a third offense. We are here to prepare the strongest possible defense on your behalf and act as the aggressive advocate you need.

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