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A College Park DUI charge is not something to be taken lightly. Even a first DUI can have significant consequences that will affect not only you, but your family as well. The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson have over 25 years of experience defending DUI charges. No matter the specifics of your case, we know how to build a successful defense strategy. Contact us today.

Prescription Drug DUI in College Park

DUI cases are highly complicated, and many people are unaware of the nuances of DUI law. For example, we have represented multiple clients who were unaware that you could be charged with DUI without having any alcohol or engaging in illegal drugs.  If you are on prescription drugs that can affect your ability to drive, an officer can arrest you for prescription drug DUI. These penalties are the same as a conviction for DUI alcohol.

A prescription drug DUI can include over the counter medications, allergy medications, and other legal prescriptions. Many of our clients are under the false assumption that just because they have taken a legitimate prescription, it is okay to drive while taking it. Several medications can cause drowsiness that can cause them to drive impaired. As soon as your driving becomes impaired, the act comes illegal. Drugs that can affect your driving include prescription painkillers, muscle relaxers, cough syrup, anxiety medications, and nighttime cold or flu medicine.

Even if you have a valid prescription for the drug, this will not be a sufficient defense if you are found to have been a less safe driver due to the consumption of medication. Our DUI Attorneys in College Park understand how to properly defend against a prescription drug DUI charge. Call now and discover how we can assist with your case. 

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As Georgia's premier DUI defense firm, we are dedicated to understanding the tools, techniques, and science used by law enforcement to detect and ultimately prosecute DUI cases. We are skilled in defending DUI alcohol charges, DUI drug, and DUI prescription drug charges. Drunk driving convictions can cost you your freedom, with jail time being a standard penalty and stiff fines. Do not make the mistake of trusting a general practitioner with your case. The nuances of DUI law can be unknown to attorneys that are inexperienced with DUIs. All of our College Park DUI Attorneys have intimate knowledge of the rules and are prepared to help you today. We will walk you through every step of the criminal process and promise to keep you informed.

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The Honorable Judge Monica Ewing presides over College Park Municipal Court. Ms. Vanessa Wheeler is the Court Clerk, and she can be reached at 404-761-3131, ext. 2323. Court is held at 3667 Main Street, College Park, GA 30337.

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