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Have you been charged with a DUI in Palmetto or anywhere else in Fulton County? Make no mistake; DUI charges are very serious. Calling a Palmetto DUI Lawyer that you can trust will be the best call you make. In DUI cases, the defense attorney you hire can impact every aspect of your  life; personal, work, family, ability to drive, and in severe cases, your freedom. Typical fines for DUI in Palmetto include a loss of driving privileges, jail time, and fines. Call us now, and you will be connected to an experienced, local DUI Attorney in Palmetto GA that will help you achieve a favorable result in your case.

DUI Charges and License Suspension

Probably the most feared of DUI consequences is the suspension of driving privileges. Almost everyone needs to be able to drive in order to take care of essential responsibilities such as:

  • Driving to work
  • Driving to school
  • Running errands
  • Medical appointments
  • Driving children to various places

Even in areas where there are many options for public transportation, losing your driving privileges can be an incredible challenge. It can lead to a loss of employment and make your everyday life difficult. However, our Palmetto DUI Attorneys are skilled in helping drivers keep their license and avoid some of the harsh penalties associated with a DUI conviction

Choosing a Palmetto DUI Lawyer

Most clients choose a DUI lawyer based on what they think they can afford. This can be a mistake because instead of basing their lawyer off his experience or ability to work out a deal, they choose the most cost-effective. Ironically, what may be the most cost effective at the beginning will not turn out to be in the end. Hiring an inexperienced DUI Lawyer in Palmetto Georgia can result in higher fines, lots of fees, and elevated punishments. We encourage our clients to speak with an attorney in advance to make sure they understand and are comfortable with the amount of time, attention, and knowledge the attorney can provide for them.

At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our successful Palmetto GA DUI Attorneys are very well known in the courts. They can often accelerate the process through familiarity with case law and experience build upon results in DUI defense cases.

Palmetto GA Municipal Court

Palmetto Municipal Court handles citations and ordinance violations that occur within the city limits of Palmetto. Municipal Court Chief Judge Russell Ross and Honorable Clay Collins preside over the Court. The Court is located at 401 Carlton Road, Palmetto, GA 30268, and can be reached at 770-463-9068.

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When you are facing DUI charges, you need to take action to defend yourself and to protect your rights. Having a skilled and experienced Palmetto Georgia DUI Lawyer on your side is the best first step toward ensuring that your driving privileges, your rights, and your future are protected. Our lawyers at The Law Office of Richard S. Lawson will use their more than 25 years of DUI experience to help fight your charges. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation.

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