Minors in Possession

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In the City of Atlanta, young people are charged with the offenses of being a Minor in Possession or Underage Consumption of alcohol. While these offenses may seem insignificant, they are misdemeanors after all, they carry with them some pretty severe consequences. First of all, every misdemeanor can carry with it up to a one year jail or probation sentence as well as a $1000 fine plus court costs, community service, and alcohol and drug counseling and testing requirements. But the real problem for a young person, typically someone just beginning their professional life or higher education, is the stigma of the conviction for being a Minor in Possession.

In Atlanta (and throughout the state of Georgia), a conviction is forever. This means that if you plead guilty (or go to trial and lose) and are convicted of being a Minor in Possession, it is on your criminal history for life. The charge does not fall off after some time and you cannot get it expunged or erased. However, there are options. There are some ways to either beat the conviction or get it dismissed and therefore, off of your record and eligible for expungement. An experienced Atlanta Minor in Possession lawyer can help. If you or your son or daughter is facing a charge related to drinking underage or drug use, call our Atlanta lawyers today for a free case analysis. Our attorneys can help you achieve the best possible result for your case.

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