Underage Drinking Offenses: What You Need to Know

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jun 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Individuals under the age of 21 can be charged with a variety of offenses relating to the possession or consumption of drugs and alcohol. Like those aged 21 and over, they can be charged with open container violations, public drunkenness, DUI alcohol and DUI drug offenses, possession of marijuana and other drugs, as well as the unique charge for young offenders - Minor in Possession. If an Alpharetta Georgia officer suspects you of having consumed alcohol and you are less than 21, you will face a minor in possession charge, which is a misdemeanor. However, a conviction for Minor in Possession stays on your record forever and can have a profound effect on your future job and career prospects.

Being charged with a DUI when you are under 21 can be tough as the legal limit for a young driver is only a .02. In addition, some of the temporary and limited driving permits available to older drivers are not available to under 21 DUI defendants. On the bright side, these cases are won all the time. If you or your son or daughter is faced with being a minor in possession of alcohol in the greater Alpharetta area, call a skilled lawyer today for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys have experience getting favorable outcomes for our clients. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist our clients.

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