Mexican Diplomat Arrested for DUI

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Early in the morning on April 27, 2012 Roswell police pulled over a man who was speeding; he was clocked in at 91 mph. The 39-year-old temporary resident was then asked to submit to a blood-alcohol level test and was found to have a level of 0.126%. The legal level of blood-alcohol in Fulton Co. is 0.08%. Authorities arrested this man only to find out that he is Mariano Saynez Ruiz Duran and is a Mexican diplomat who serves as a vice consular at the Mexican Consulate General's office in Fulton County, GA. The U.S. Department of State Police confirmed he has partial immunity from law enforcement and he was released from jail into his wife's custody.

He was given citations of DUI and speeding. While it will be left to higher authorities to decide his fate, we should all take note of how a speeding charge can quickly lead to a DUI arrest. Even if you feel perfectly fine after a few drinks, if you are caught speeding and the officer suspects you've been drinking, it will lead to DUI. In these types of situations, you will need to get effective representation in your corner. Contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson and you'll speak with an attorney who will give you a free consultation. So if you get arrested for DUI and you're not fortunate enough to have diplomatic immunity, don't wait to get help with your DUI, call our team now!

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