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Defending a DUI charge requires knowledge of proper stop and arrest procedure, blood alcohol concentration and testing, constitutional law, field sobriety testing, sentencing and driver's license implications. DUI is a serious offense that requires the assistance of an experienced Atlanta DUI defense attorney that will evaluate your case and advise you of any possible defenses.

Every DUI case will involve a multitude of factors to be evaluated from the nature of the charges involved, whether any evidence was illegally seized and can be suppressed, whether probable cause existed, the arresting officer's training, and whether your rights were violated. Only an Atlanta DUI Attorney knows how to find these defenses and protect your rights.Besides focusing on legal issues in your DUI defense, court procedures can be a confusing maze of rules and statutes that will affect the outcome of your case.

There are many filing deadlines and if certain paperwork is not filed within certain time limits, you can waive your rights and weaken your case. The judge and solicitor handling your case will have a significant impact on your case and any potential plea negotiation as well. Moreover, each court in Georgia has different procedural rules and will proceed with a DUI case in its own unique fashion.

Understanding the court your case is being handled will be one of the most important factors in your case which is why it is important to consult a DUI lawyer if you were arrested in Atlanta.One of the worst things you can do is walk into a courtroom for the first time completely unprepared. DUI cases proceed in a very particular fashion in the City of Atlanta, and in this 21 part series all aspects of a DUI arrest and defense to court procedure will be covered in full.

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Richard S. Lawson is passionate about intoxicated driving defense. Unlike some attorneys, Mr. Lawson devotes 100% of his legal practice to helping people stand up for their rights against DUI charges. For more than 20 years, Mr. Lawson has dutifully fought for his clients' freedom, resolving more 4,900 impaired driving cases during the course of his career. Today, Mr. Lawson has developed a reputation as a skilled negotiator and continues to help clients by fighting to keep them out of jail.


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