What to do Immediately After an Arrest

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After you are bonded out of jail and prior to calling a DUI Lawyer, please place everything you were given at the time of your arrest in a zip lock bag. I cannot tell you how many times people call me and have already either lost or destroyed their tickets and other paperwork. Your lawyer needs all of this court-related paperwork to understand what needs to be done in your case. This may sound basic, however getting a DUI is extremely upsetting to people. As a result, you may not be thinking clearly right after your arrest.

The most common problem with the paperwork is that it is washed in your clothing. Naturally anyone would put their clothing in the washing machine when they come home from the jail. Anyone would do this. Please check your pockets first!

The second problem is that your tickets and driver's permit are on carbon paper. So, if you fold them or write on top of them, whatever you have placed on top of the carbon paper is transferred therein. So, in a short time you will not be able to read your tickets. The answer is simple, please find a zip lock bag and carefully (without folding) please your tickets, your bond, and anything else given to you into the bag.

As for your driver's license, there are 2 possibilities. 1. You were given back your license. 2. They kept your license. If you were given back your license, make sure to tell your attorney and also provide him a copy. If they kept the driver's license, look at the bottom or your DUI Ticket and see if the arresting officer gave you a 180 permit or (more likely) you were given the DPS 1205 Form, which acts as a 30 day permit.

In the event you were given the DPS 1205 form, make a photocopy of it and place it in the zip lock bag with the other paperwork. Then, Place the 1205 form in a new zip lock bag and carry it with you when you drive. You should also go to the Department of Driver's Services and get a Georgia ID Card so you can make financial transactions or board an airplane.

Make sure it is only a GA ID Card because they may offer to give you a new license because the DUI has not hit the system. You are not legally entitled to a new license at this point in the process. If you get a new license, you are violating the law. This can have consequences later on, thereby preventing you from getting a license later in the process.

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