Everything You Need to Know About License Suspension

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There are two different ways your license can become suspended following an Atlanta DUI arrest. The first is via the Department of Driver Services or DDS. DDS can invoke an administrative suspension of your Georgia drivers license if you are arrested by an Atlanta officer for DUI and either (1) refuse to take the breath or blood test that the DUI officer asks you to submit to, or (2) if you take a breath test and it is over the legal limit of .08. A "refusal" of the blood/breath test carries with it a much more significant suspension as it means that your license can be suspended for one year and there are no limited or temporary permits available.

Basically, it means no driving at all (or face the offense of driving on a suspended license). If you took the test and tested over the legal limit, you are in better shape for the administrative license suspension as you can get a limited or temporary permit for a certain time period and then reinstate your Georgia license. On the other hand, you are in worse shape in terms of your DUI case in the City of Atlanta or Fulton Co. State Court as they then have a breath test to use against you.

If the results are very high, a City of Atlanta DUI prosecutor is far less likely to work out a reduction or dismissal with your DUI lawyer. If you are convicted of DUI in Atlanta, you also face a suspension of your license, for a first DUI in 5 years; you are eligible for a limited permit and can keep driving for school/work purposes. If you are a repeat offender, you may face a hard suspension of your license for many years. It is imperative that you talk to a skilled Atlanta DUI lawyer right away.

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