What Not to Do When Arrested for a DUI

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Just when you though your night couldn't get any worse, you are pulled over for driving under the influence. Whether you were drunk or not at the time of your arrest, what you do from the moment the officer signals you to pull over until you are in the presence of your defense attorney means the world of a difference. Getting arrested for a DUI is not an ideal situation, yet it happens, and how you respond can really make a huge difference when you challenges your charges. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when involved in a DUI case.

First off, don't act like your being arrested for a DUI is just like any ole traffic violation, because it is not. Being arrested for driving under the influence of drug or alcohol is a much more serious offense than just rolling through a stop sign or even speeding on the freeway. Driving while intoxicated is an act that not only places yourself at risk but also everyone else around you, in or out of your vehicle. A DUI is not something that you can just go to traffic school for and pretend like the infraction never occurred, it is an act that if convicted could remain on your driving record indefinitely. While there are some situations for which you can have those records sealed or expunged, it is not always possible.

Another common mistake people make is not hiring a DUI defense attorney. Many times, when people are accused of a crime and think that they can do it themselves, they are not going to be adequately prepared to defend their actions in the court of law. By hiring a DUI defense attorney it is now their responsibility to make sure that you receive the necessary attention on your case, and they will do the needed research and investigations in order to defend your innocence. Attorneys not only have years of schooling, as well as actual courtroom practice, but often times they are specialized in a specific area of the law and can offer an even more educated approach to your case. For example, at The Law offices of Richard S. Lawson, we have helped thousands of clients come out of their DUI cases successful and we want to help you fight as well.

When arrested for a DUI, the court will also seek to suspend a person's license, and not choosing to contest that decision is also a mistake. According to the law, if you are accuse of driving under the influence of a substance, you have 30 days to take action and challenge those charges. If you fail to do so in that small window of opportunity, you may be forfeiting your ability to keep your license. Believe it or not, another likely mistake people will make is pleading guilty at the arraignment hearing. It is the job of your hired attorney to do the necessary research for your case, and without you having to admit that you were under the influence they should do their best to defend you before the court. Also, don't EVER ignore a court hearing date, ever. Failure to appear before the court when summoned is a big no, and can have severe consequences.

When dealing with a DUI, only listen to the counsel and advice given by your lawyer. It is their job to help you fight for innocence, and when you start talking with friends who have defended themselves or "walked in your shoes" before, their situation may be different than you and you could end up making a poor decision. If you hear any good ideas from trusted friends, always run those concerns over with your attorney before acting on anything. Remember you are paying to be adequately defended, don't ruin that by taking a non-professionals advice.

Lastly, when arrested for a DUI, make sure you are properly prepared with evidence and details about the arrest. The more information you have to give to your attorney, the more they have to work with in order to defend your case. You want to be able to give a full account of what took place at the moment of your arrest. Did the officers read to you the Miranda Rights? Did the officers have a real reason to pull you over in the first place? Probable cause is a huge deal when it comes to arrests, if they didn't see you violate any laws, and yet they pulled you over that is grounds for a dismissal. Did the officer conduct a breathalyzer test properly? There are very specific rules and regulations when it comes to a DUI arrest, and you being able to recall this information is going to play a pivotal role in your DUI defense.

Dealing with the charges of a DUI can be a lot for anyone to handle, and the stress of knowing there is such a small window of time to challenge the charges is even more difficult to deal with. If you or someone you know has been accused of a DUI charge, it is imperative that you do not wait another moment to take action. Contact The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson today for a Georgia DUI defense attorney who is ready to help you fight! We have years of experience as well as successful cases under our belts and we will do whatever is necessary to defend your case. Call us today for more information!

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