Police Sergeant Charged with Leaving the Scene

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A sergeant with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office was recently arrested for a hit-and-run accident. He did not hit any other vehicle, but police were called to the scene after they received reports of a single-vehicle crash in a Rockdale County roundabout. When Georgia State Patrol arrived at the scene, the driver was no longer there but his vehicle was. Since the driver was the owner of the vehicle, police easily tied the man to this "leaving the scene" crime. He now faces charges of leaving the scene and making false statements to law enforcement, among other charges.

Georgia State Patrol also charged one of the man's relatives with making false statements to law enforcement because he allegedly concealed information about the accident and his relative when asked by law enforcement. Rockdale County Sheriff's has since terminated the man's employment based on the evidence brought forth in the investigation.

In Georgia, leaving the scene charges are serious. The statutes detailing the hit-and-run law are found in OCGA 40-6-270. After an accident, a person is required to immediately stop and wait for law enforcement to arrive. These charges are more serious when they involve the death or serious injury of another, but this was not the case in this instance. Hit-and-run is also a crime dissociated with DUI, although the two can and often are connected. If you are arrested for hit-and-run, you may also be required to submit to a chemical test.

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