Georgia DUI Expert Charged with Perjury

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In recent news, a man who has testified in many DUI cases has been charged with perjury. In the words of a deputy district attorney, "I wasn't happy to lose in a case where the guy was giving questionable medical testimony and also lying about his credentials."

Dr. Joseph Citron has testified as a defense expert in multiple midstate DUI trials, but allegedly made himself out to be more qualified in the area of DUI than he may be. While Citron previously told local juries and judges that he joined the faculty of Georgia Public Safety Training Center to train officers in standard field sobriety testing, this has since been proved false. Citron also allegedly claimed to have been invited by Georgia's governor to participate in "Drunk Busters" to review field sobriety training with police departments in Georgia; officials say they never heard of such a program.

Citron faces two felony counts of perjury, two misdemeanor counts of false swearing and one misdemeanor charge of making an unsworn falsification. If convicted, he could face more than 7 years in prison for these offenses. This recent news story sparks the question "What experts are being called upon to testify against you?"

After you have been charged with DUI, when you secure legal representation, a main responsibility of your DUI defense attorney is to make sure your rights are protected at all costs. If false evidence is brought in or less-than-exemplary "experts" are called upon to testify, your case could be dismissed or your charges reduced.

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