Why Time is of the Essence After You've Been Charged with DUI in Georgia

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If you have been accused of driving under the influence, you may experience a spell of panic. However, it is important to maintain sanity and do what you can to safeguard your rights. Georgia laws state that any person arrested for a DUI, so long as that person did not harm another individual, may request and Administrative License Suspension Hearing (ALS).

This appeal must be written and delivered within 30 days of the arrest. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to act fast and reach out to experienced representation as soon as possible. When you involve a lawyer right away, you give that person more time to examine your case in order to deliver the best outcome possible. You cannot afford to wait when your future is on the line.

We have supplied a few questions and answers to help you understand more about the hearing.

1.Will I have to deal with a suspended license before I file the appeal?

Your license will not be suspended in the 30-day period you are given to file the appeal. However, the hearing request must be made by the end of the tenth day or immediate suspension and other actions may be taken.

2.What will happen if I do not choose to request a hearing?

If you choose not to request a hearing, your license will become suspended on the 31st day. Additionally, if you chose to refuse testing, your license will be suspended for a year. In this case, you will become ineligible to qualify for a limited or restricted license.

3.Who should file the appeal?

Most of the time, your DUI defense lawyer will request and handle your ALS hearing appeal. This is why it is extremely crucial to seek legal representation right away. By contacting legal help right away, you ensure you are taking the appropriate actions on the allotted amount of time.

4.How much will the appeal cost?

Typically, the State of Georgia charges $150 to file the appeal. While the cost may seem hefty at first glance, it may save you a lot more in the long run.

In addition, it is important to attain a DUI defense attorney immediately so that your case can be examined right away. An experienced lawyer will take quick action and begin exploring the various intricacies of your arrest in order to build you a stronger case.

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