Avoid Being Arrested for DUI This Thanksgiving

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As you can imagine, the roads, highways, and freeways will be congested before, during, and directly after Thanksgiving Day due to the large number of people traveling to and from their vacation destination. Of course, the more traffic, the higher the risk for serious and fatal car accidents. As a result, you can count on law enforcement agencies employing any and all available police officers and state troopers to patrol the roads in hopes of keeping civilians safe.

It is important to keep in mind that Thanksgiving Day has earned the title “Deadliest Day of the Year” due to the high number of fatal car accident that occur around this holiday. While many are caused by negligent drivers, many are caused by drunk drivers who leave festivity locations after enjoying some alcoholic beverages. In an effort to protect road users, law enforcement agencies will increase their efforts to stop drunk and drugged drivers during Thanksgiving week.

Drivers of all areas can expect the following from police officers and state troopers:

  • Expedited process of field sobriety test results
  • Increased number of DUI checkpoints
  • Increased number of patrolling officers

Remember, during holiday weeks and weekends, especially Thanksgiving, many law enforcement officers grow overzealous when trying to protect drivers sharing the road. Unfortunately, this can leave many people wrongly charged with DUI offenses.

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