Georgia Hospital Will Not Perform Blood Tests on DUI Suspects Without Consent

Posted by Richard Lawson | Sep 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

Police and prosecutors in four Georgia counties may have their efforts to punish intoxicated drivers hampered by a hospital system policy. This policy, which would prohibit hospital staff from performing blood tests on DUI suspects, has frustrated the attempts of law enforcement to collect evidence to perform their investigations.

WellStar Healthcare System, the hospital implementing this new policy, will no longer draw blood from patients without their express consent. Even in the face of a court order, the hospital cannot be compelled to take the sample. However, if police present a search warrant, the hospital will continue to draw blood samples from unconscious DUI suspects under Georgia's implied consent law.

Blood test results are a major factor in DUI convictions. Because many DUI suspects are refusing to consent to blood tests, police are having a much more difficult time obtaining the evidence they need to secure a conviction. While WellStar cites safety concerns in its defense of this policy, they maintain that they will cooperate with police and will not restrict law enforcement from interfering with the policy if they have a warrant.

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